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What this generation is made of

The world is evolving, advancing and becoming mysterious day by day. What was considered propriety in those times is now seen as old school and not cool at all.

Kindness Matters Everyday

It is priceless to be kind to each other. For some reason, being kind to others makes one feel beautiful and at peace with...

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Fear of Judgement

We can not sit and let society take over and control what we decide to do with our lives for we have to fight and stand for ourselves as youths.


He dived into his memory. He recalled that night crystal clear as if it had happened seconds ago. His mind held flashbacks of Esther in that minidress that exposed both her cleavage and thick thighs. A whole package of temptation.

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5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety is super common among the young adults. We are all fighting our own demons. Be it from school pressure, family misunderstandings, unemployment or...

Stabilized by hope

She wasn’t raped, but she didn’t want to lose her virginity yet. Money made her agree to it. “I will give you money.” She was enticed. “Okay.” She said, unwillingly, while divesting.

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I’m not much of a reader of books but I remember one of the famous reads in primary school was Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands...

How To Have Game As a Woman

Try putting on nice clothing and see if he wont take you out to very expensive places just like the lady you are. Please don’t throw that ‘my dress my choice ‘ bs at me – l will slap you, l swear.