What this generation is made of

What this generation is made of

June 7, 2021 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

“Watoto wa siku hizi wameharibika.” Everytime I hear that line, I always pass the imaginery glass to my ancestors, pull up my sleeves then whisper, “here we go again.”

Millenials and generation Z have changed the world, enormously. They came up with their own ways of life, their own way of thinking and a whole new paradigm that the old folks are not at heart with. Not a chance.

Old folks, who perceive themselves as old school are fighting the lonely fight to help stabilize what their generation back then considered right and civil. They don’t want to change with the world. Instead, they prefer to float in their bubbles and frown at the world’s morph.

Education and Technology are two giants that ‘brought light’ and fountainheaded the mentalities. Education for instance changed how we think, how we look at life’s labyrinth and how we interact. It has shaped our minds to be open, creative, imaginative and critical thinkers. And by education, I don’t mean the classroom set up alone, but the whole knowledge-based phenomenon. There is information floating everywhere; in books, internet, social media, name it.

Technology, on the other flip of the coin, has made the world a tiny village. It has made it easier to do things that would have costed us millions of energy. Google has made us get any information we need, without consulting our old folks. Social media has made it easier to meet like-minded friends, share cultures and even find our soulmates, isn’t that amazing? You can literally make anything happen just by a click from a sitting. And old folks aren’t happy with that. Why? You ask.

Look, during my last visit to shagz, I met a whole new scene. Grandpa was sitted at his favourite seat. Grandma too. Chilled, breathing in and out. My cousins flooded the sofas, head down to their gadgets. No verbal communication with each other. No interactions. No noise whatsoever.

If this could be time-rushed back to our old folk’s time, the scene could be different. The old man could be there, spitting wisdom to his grandsons whilst grandma could be in the kitchen teaching the girls how to cook, wash and maintain their husbands when the time comes. They had all the details, this old folks. They bounced with wisdom and farted knowledge of life. Untill Technology happened.

Frustrations hit hard. The generational fight is an endless battle. Folks will now be spotted resenting to the new culture of life. The new generation don’t want to agree to anything, they are ready to argue, confront and make everyone defensive – even in instances that they know they are wrong. With the easy access to any information, it’s hard for the old folks to correct the wrongs and end up comparing their times to our times.

The world is evolving, advancing and becoming mysterious day by day. What was considered propriety in those times is now seen as old school and not cool at all. New generation new rules. Imagine dancing to gengetone with those old twisti dance moves – that will be unheard of. A clown move, that one.

The old folks have no other choice but to accept the change that the generations come with. Grin and bear it. At one point, we will be the outdated generation. Another generation will come and take over. Technology will advance and leave us behind also, maybe.

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