9 Things Ladies Need In a Relationship

I ‘d like to take our masculine persons to school on what famine spirits really want out of relationships. By the time we finish up, if you are a gent and you have no maama, this will start off the engine for you and if you already have your maama, you will know how to keep her. The 1014 words that I patiently write to you will be worth it.


If you are looking for miss right out there or you just need your lady to feel all good and a bag of chips, be certain on what you want with her. Clarity is key She will feel empowered and this helps you both to immense into complete happiness. As j. cole once twitted “Lack of communication leaves too much room for imagination. Communicate your feelings, never assume anything and your relationship will end up being an ‘I do’ journey.


A lady who feels like her opinions and interests are put into consideration will feel relaxed and we all know some women even prefer being respected than being loved. Not that she doesn’t want those midmorning calls just to be told ‘I love you’ by her mans, but listening to your lady’s ideas and putting her thought into consideration is a whole other kind of intimacy.


You don’t need to think of sex every time you are with your girl. She will find it attractive when she sits with her mans and have deep thoughts, talk about the future and all. There are different kinds of connection yet mind connection seems to be the rarest of them all and when you just get it, it’s impossible to leave it. Guys focus on having the rare things in a relationship right and the others will follow.


Security in a relationship is all about consistency. A lady will stretch the same energy you give her. True, she is an incubator and it will make such a good relationship when you come out with the same energy all the way. Whether it’s your first year or your third year, you must make sure that she feels as loved as the first time you met her. I am not saying there won’t be ups and downs but I mean, if you are meant to be, it will not be a tedious task to keep up with the same direction you started with.


Guys! guys! guys! listen up! Being present in your relationship is a necessity. I mean, why would you want to be in a relationship yet you don’t show who you are in your fullness? The worst fault you could do in a relationship is to let your mamma feel lonely. That means you must knock the door with all you got. Don’t hold back and you will see how interesting your relationship will be.


Men naturally are leaders. Don’t argue with me. You have more responsibility to carry on. Lead your relationship. No lady likes a man who cannot decide on anything for both of you. It is very intriguing for a lady when her king says ‘we are going for dinner tonight’ other than ‘can we go for dinner tonight?’ you see the difference, don’t try to give your munchkin room to see your lack of direction. I speak for all ladies when I say, there is something attractive with a confident man. it’s not that she likes a ‘bad boy’, it’s the confidence he has that ignites her sparks.


What can’t a lady give for honesty? I mean, an honest man is just close to God. She wants to know what are your genuine thoughts. She wants to fully trust you and guys, everything in a relationship is given other than trust. You have to earn your queen’s trust. why don’t you be open and give her information that will satisfy her curious mind? When a lady doesn’t get answers to what she is asking, her mind starts to perambulate and you don’t want to give your lady space to think because most likely, she will overthink.


I have sat with my girlfriends and I have heard the phrase ‘he doesn’t get me’ more times than I would ever want to hear. I mean, men. What happened to paying attention to her? She just wants to be seen, to be heard. It goes from knowing her favorite candy to knowing her future dreams and interest. Nothing turns on a girl when her mans gets her a bottle of water as he goes to get his without even asking. Show that you care. I mean, it is just that simple, you don’t need to go overboard to impress your pumpkin. Even giving her a nickname.


She loves sex as much as you do. She wants you to grab her by the waist and hug her from behind. She wants her hair messed up. She likes it when you give her kisses especially neck and forward kisses. She wants to feel the romance. Keep it interesting in the bedroom and in the relationship generally. It’s all she is asking for. Treat her as you are trying to win her heart all over again.

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