Discover podcasts by young people that touch on various topics, perspectives and vibes!

Podcast touches on thought provoking thoughts, interviews and captivating stories.
This is a podcast that highlights true crime stories in Kenya.
It is all about flaws and beautiful things that make a lady feminine and a woman or a lady. It focuses to create a safe space for ladies to be themselves without fear of discrimination or stereotyping of issues we go through.
A podcast that talks matters women from a range of fantastic topics including wellness, motivation, and mindful living.
Unspoken is a Podcast hosted by Awino Awiti. It aims to take listeners on a Personal development journey with relatable life topics and brings untold stories to life.
A podcast hosted by Esther Mwelu.

Bodies and Beyond is a space dedicated to breaking taboos, unravelling stigma and fostering an inclusive dialogue around topics such as SRHR, mental Health, Menstrual Health, Climate change and much more.
A podcast that explores the latest trends and technologies in the world of Software Engineering, Cyber Security, DevOps, data science, and so much more.
This is a podcast about freedom and liberation from constraints or negative influences. Stories about how we have broken free from a low point or negative situations and life after.
Everything in this podcast is actually what I think and feel and presumably same as you my love.
Hosted by two besties Melanie and Bertha weekly, The Heart Wave Podcast is all about navigating life in various aspects such adulting, relationships and personal development.
A podcast focused on healing, personal development, and self-empowerment.
Hosted by Akinyi Christine, the podcast shares life experiences.