Modern Feminism

Over the decades, every generation has had a fight or course for something. There have been courses advanced by religious beliefs for recognition or as crusades. There have been causes advanced by various minority organisations, due to racial discriminations, self determination among others.

And all thanks to civilization and democracy every one deserves equal rights. Of all the causes, there’s has been a silent one in all history, one which was aimed at changing the status quo, the place of women in society. Women have always had it rough fighting for equality, trying to have a voice, and they wouldn’t be called a minority in this case. It has been a fight in every corner of the earth, from the primary social unit to every other aspect. Any success case has always been out of chance but not out of right.

To address the inequalities, governments organisations and individuals teamed up to put in place social programs that gave each woman a fighting chance.

Over half a decade there were changes towards the right direction. And it’s evident that they’re more than worth it and a seat at the table isn’t negotiable.

Now women are Presidents, Austronats, Military generals and many more influential positions. They’ve set the example, broken the barriers and given inspiration to others.

But that’s not what my interest is in. My interest is in what the good dream of gender equality turned into. And it is being branded a good name to cover it all, “Modern Feminism”.

What is this modern feminism?
Feminism by its original design was the collective championing of women rights ‘least the world forgets.’

But it has turned toxic. it has become a tool for hatred and if unfeathered could eat out the fragile fabrics of society. It would be a catastrophe and social diplomacy wouldn’t be a tool able to save anyone. This kind of feminism has turned out to be a gender war, a radicalisation of some sorts. The modern feminism fights for control and authority.

Its crusaders never champion equality among themselves or help the less disadvantaged. They swing into action when it’s a question of power, or when it’s politically correct. Modern feminism crusaders have perfected the art of holding others hostage and branding their failures on womanhood. They abuse, despise anyone cause they’re ‘women’. This kind of feminism doesn’t care about the women in abusive marriages, the women who had to offer themselves to get job offers or a pass in anything.

These feminists despise other women who aren’t as successful as them, women who give birth become pariahs in their circles. The modern feminists are crusading against traditional values of feminism which were about love, compassion, nurturing and team playing.

This kind of feminism is associated with both a liberal and a radical component, attempting to eradicate formal inequalities within the current systems and structures, as well as dismantling patriarchy understood as a more fundamental structure of power based on sex and gender. It is also often characterized by attempts to cultivate political solidarity among women, a “sisterhood” based on presumed similar positions with respect to parochial public administration deconstruction. Additionally, the modern feminist thought is premised on progression, and on radical grounds by some standards, and certainly an advocacy for both equal rights and civil liberties. These constructs are what breed anarchy.

As a result of putting women issues on a pedestal, we’re now facing a threat against civilization at large. Radicalisation of a gender against another isn’t a low that we have gone as a society but we’re cutting the remaining holding piece of our society in which, religion, politics race and anything else has failed to unite.

But this can’t be fought like terrorism or banditry, this can only be dealt with in a sensitive approach, an approach that will make sure women empowerment won’t be threatened.

Toxic feminism is a discussion which should happen now, we don’t have time. It should be in every quarter, every street, every office, every class room.

Humanity has got atomic bombs and supersonic jets against external aggression but we don’t have any weapon against social enemies. Let’s start now before civilization becomes a failed experiment.

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