Fear of Judgement

Fear of Judgement

May 17, 2021 2 By Jacinta Atieno

We are always held back by our thoughts of what society will always think about our characters, our behaviors, and also our thinking towards everything that we do. It is always going to take an open-minded person to fight all the critics and fight off the judgments of the society.

Adelle Onyango once said,’’ your voice is valid. Your art, work, and talent are valid. You are needed, you can do it. Create it, do it, because you can. You are OTHER. Rise in your OTHERNESS. Refuse to reduce who you are.”

Sometimes we wonder why or how some things happen under our watch and we fail to question because of the fear of judgment. The society always thinks that they have control over people’s feelings and emotions. It’s always going to remain a fact even if the majority don’t accept it, every individual is responsible for their own doings and the society has no right to interfere or even in the least get concerned about a person’s private life or what a person has decided to do with their life.

Behind every smile, everyone is going through personal struggles we know nothing about. Majority of people, especially the youth end up living a messed up and a regrettable life almost all their life because they fear the society and what the society thinks of them.
For instance, why is it always justified that an older man can have a wife they wish to have despite the difference in age and they can have as many wives as they wish but a woman all because a society cannot have a husband half her age or twice older than she is when it’s not a crime to get a spouse of your own choice. We take too serious what society thinks that we fail to put ourselves first. It’s high time we have to prioritize ourselves and our opinions towards everything and speak up for we don’t have to get stunned.

According to The Cambridge University Dictionary, society can be referred to as a large group of people who live together in an organized way, making decisions about how to do things and sharing the work that needs to be done.

We can not sit and let society take over and control what we decide to do with our lives for we have to fight and stand for ourselves as youths.

As MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. said, “there comes a time when silence is betrayal. When we keep silent and not speak up against any injustices that we face in society we are only betraying our own souls.”