Kindness Matters Everyday

Kindness Matters Everyday

May 24, 2021 0 By Ngare Wambui

It is priceless to be kind to each other. For some reason, being kind to others makes one feel beautiful and at peace with everything.

What are some acts of kindness that you have performed recently? And how did the acts make you feel?

Being kind doesn’t necessarily mean denying yourself happiness for the sake of others. On the contrary, it means being kind to yourself enough to spread the kindness to others

Kindness vary. There is kindness for self, kindness for others and kindness for nature. And they all matter.

Kindness for self is the act of self love, self care and just being good to yourself. You can decide to take care of yourself, take a rest after a long working day, treat yourself out or just make yourself some delicious food.

Kindness for others involve being good to others, being there for them and helping each other. Acting with kindness towards others matters a lot. We might not know what they are going through or which demons they are fighting. The only way to make them feel better is by showing them kindness. Kindness will not only make them feel safe but will also strengthen the bond.

When we care for the environment, we do it for ourselves. Nature reacts according to how we act towards it. When we care for it by planting trees, it will care for us by giving us shade, food and clean air. It is a reciprocal. Being kind to nature is very paramount. Planting trees, watering them, not littering and keeping the environment clean are some of the acts of kindness towards nature.

What acts of kindness have you performed today, or yesterday or… recently? Join us in celebrating the K3; kindness for self, for others and nature.