How To Have Game As a Woman

I am sick to my stomach.Tired to the level that equates to insanity. My mind is already on five percent battery. l guess most of you females have been mistaking my calmness to readiness to tolerate more but am done. You females are ever complaining about a man not doing this or that for you. As a woman it is VERY important to have game, periodt!

This is what l mean. You ought to be an independent woman, shawty, be self reliant and do things on your own and know when to ask for help and when to step back, when to support and when not to. lndependence always looks so attractive on any female and would make a man feel way interested in you. Be finacially, mentally, emotionally and physically independent. l know whack ass females are about to be on my case because of this but the truth is the truth even if no one is telling you.

It is very wrong to expect a guy to take you to expensive hotels on expensive lunch dates when you have never taken yourself to any of this places – l mean its so unfair. You cannot expect a guy to dress you from expensive brands like coco, chanel, gucci, prada, valentino, dior; well, all your clothes are thrifted from gikomba. l am not saying cloths from gikomba are not good but please walk your talk.

Having some money of your own earns you some sense of respect from a man because with or without him you still have your shit together. Be mentally independent to a point where you do not need a man around for you to make your decisions and emotionally independent to a point where a man’s negative opinions about you no longer trigger your emotions and reaction.

Set your standards! When you set your bars too high you’ll attract just your type when you set them too low you’ll get them as requested. Know your worth. When you know what you are worth you wouldn’t dare settle for anything less than what you deserve. When you know your worth you will date a man and not a little boy who thinks having a huge following on social media is a flex and dressing like homeless person is swag.

Having some money of your own would also be of great help. lmagine having to buy your own stuff without you asking for money from someone else. That is such a huge flex isn’t it? I expected the low feedback because this is probably something you dont want to talk about ama nachoma sana niachie hapo? Ama nina shout sana?. Hunnay, l don’t sugar-coat shit.

Dress like a decent woman and you will attract a decent guy. You cannot be putting on short dresses and booty shorts 24/7 and expect to be taken to dinner dates. With that kind of dressing only the streets deserve you. Try putting on nice clothing and see if he wont take you out to very expensive places just like the lady you are. Please don’t throw that ‘my dress my choice ‘ bs at me – l will slap you, l swear.

Be kind enough to reciprocate the energy you are given. lf a guy does something good for you this time, doing the same next time wont hurt. If he pays the bills this time, pay them the next time. Class makes you so admirable so have it. Read more books so that you widen your thinking scope and you will see how many good things will come your way. It’s high time women start taking care of themselves because women were created to be bold. l hope you learn a thing or two from this and in return be an outstanding woman. Viva women!!

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