The breeze pierced through the rails of the balcony, threatening to blow away Gloria’s nightdress. She occasionally stretched her hand to the hem of the nightdress in the attempt to cover her exposed tattooed thighs.

It was their second night at the Airbnb in Nyali. The sound of the waves from the ocean collaborated so well with that of the crickets. One thing remained evident; the love that Gloria and Ben shared.

Gloria and Ben met in campus. From being classmates to actual soulmates. They had shared ups and downs through school, fights and strifes through job seeking phase. They knew each other in and out by the time they made the dire decision of moving in together.

This was just a weekend for them to reminisce on the labyrinth that life had offered to them.

“You remember that night when you almost caught me cheating?” Ben cocked while raising his glass of wine to his lips.

“It was actually a prank.” Gloria retorted.


“Yeah, I had planned with Esther to see if you’re loyal.” Gloria said, exposing a slight grin.

“But you were mad at me!” Ben quipped.

“Yes, because you won; you didn’ts sleep with Esther as I had imagined. That made me love you even more.”

Gloria’s eyebrows crept in her forehead. It was 7 years down the line since she pulled the prank on Ben. She was surprised that Ben still remembered everything. She had never expected that topic to ever come up.

“What if I could have…like… slept with her?” Ben asked. He dived into his memory. He recalled that night crystal clear as if it had happened seconds ago. His mind held flashbacks of Esther in that minidress that exposed both her cleavage and thick thighs. A whole package of temptation.

That night could have been their break up night, if he could have given in to Esther’s advances. Deep down in his thoughts, he regretted not having used the chance to shag Esther. But also, he was happy that he saved his relationship by being reluctant to make a move on her.

“Of course we wouldn’t be here talking about it.” Gloria replied, stretching to cover her thighs. She continued, “but to be honest it was hard to trust you around Esther. She looked tempting, right?”

“Yes.” Ben replied, absent-mindedly.

“Yes? What do you mean?” Her voice came out loud.

“I mean, please come again, what did you say?”

“Babe, we’ve talked about this before. You never listen! You’re always in your world. You don’t pay attention whenever I’m talking.”

“I’m sorry. I was listening.”

“What did I say?” She quipped.

“That it was a prank?”

She breathed a sigh.

“Anyway, I love you so much, even though you make me so mad at times.” She said, leaning forward to kiss him.

“I love you too, even though you get mad for no reason.” He replied.

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