East African Collective Kabisa Sound Set To Serve A Blend of African Sounds In Upcoming EP

Creating a blend or hybrid of different musical genres is an art that many have not mastered. However, Kabisa sound, a collectieve of East African acts, promises to launch an EP that will cater for this menu.

The group is set to release the EP on 8 April 2022. According to a press release observed by TYM, the extended playlist is “A beautiful blend of deep terroir and modern city Africa.”

While it is difficult to create a modern sound from traditional recipes that resonate with a modern African, Kabisa Sound collective has defeated the challenge by creating a new menu that combines different spices from across the East African region.

This EP has traditional instruments of ancient common ancestries like the Inanga, Kalimba, Orutu, and Adangu. Music genres like electronic, Singeli and hip hop complement the production of the EP.

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Kenyan Orutu player and singer Labdi, first met with other musicians (the collective) in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, in an attempt to understand each other’s music styles. The other artists include Dj Msolopa and Msaga Msanu from Tanzania, Dj Mura (Kenya), multi-instrumentalist Lawrence Okello amd Dj/producer iZaya from Uganda, rapper Angell Umutoni, Dj Eric Soul as well as inanga player Deo Munyakazi from Rwanda.

Their work, which they argue is remarkable, had praise from some of the members. Meneja Kandaro shared: “A very unique and attractive project which is trying to sell a new sound from East Africa.”

Additionally, Dj Eric Soul said, “Kabisa Sound is boundary pushing, a collection of talents, looking to change things.” Lastly, Deo Munyakazi added that the EP is “A bridge between traditional and modern and electronic sounds”

The Debut Kabisa Sound Ep will give listeners a chance to experience its richness and sincerity because it has “a smorgasbord of flavors to be tasted” and also because the collective is actively engaging “forward-thinking electronic dance music and raw street music – singeli with a traditional twist, for a genre rejuvenation.”

If anything, this richness in diversity is worth waiting for, jamming to and stalking about.

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