February 18, 2019 1 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

17th February 2019 wasn’t a normal breezy, Calm and sunny day at Lukenya Hills. It was one of those peculiar days replete with bliss and energy. The offroad motor sport enthusiasts and fanatics gathered and converged to cheer and grace the Offroad challenge Kenya 2019 edition.

An event that brings together all off road vehicles; 4×4s, Buggies, quads, Bikes and pickups was something beyond a success.Every team seemed to have tagged along their cheering squad. A team branded Wazimu was one of the energetic and easy-to-recognise squad. They could roar and chant their team mate in what can only be referred to as LOYALTY for now.

Digging deep into the sand, gnashing and smashing the rocks, splashing the mire and climbing trees and hills were the second to second occasion.

Here are some of the photos from the event.