5 Places To Never Look For Love

People find love in most unexpected places. Falling in love with someone in an era where a good number of people glorify polyamorous relationships can be an itch in the ass. You’ll either have to deal with insecurities and a chain of heartbreaks or go with your fantasies of a perfect love story to the grave.

There are, however, some people who happen to get their exact rib and end up in a fairy tale ilk of a relationship. Looking around, love is more than just the list of qualifications that people stress themselves with. It is more of what you feel for that person, the chemistry and the vision you have for the relationship. In most of these dating shows, you’ll see hopeless romantics displaying the qualities they anticipate in their partners.

Some of these qualities go overboard and are highly unachievable. Perhaps, they are just overambitious or have watched too much soap operas that painted to them a picture of how true love should be. Most young people are not only looking for inexistent people to fall in love with, but they are also looking in the wrong places.

Which are these wrong places? You may be wondering. There are some places that you shouldn’t even think of when you are hunting for a partner.

1. Dating apps
Ideally, dating apps were intended to link up soul mates. When programmers sit down to create a dating app, they have singletons in mind as their target market. However, dating apps can be so frustrating, if not disappointing, to a genuine person who goes there with an intention of finding love.

The arena has turned into a hook-up hotspot, creating a very strong wall against true love. Participants in the apps have motives of hooking up rather than building bonds that leads to a serious relationship.

The moment you match with someone, they see it as a chance to slide in your inbox and throw there advances of getting under your pants. Whilst ladies complain of men on dating apps only thinking about sex, men on the other flip also grouch of encountering ladies who ask for money in exchange of coital benefits.

2. Clubs
it is good to unwind. Majority of people go to clubs and bars to unwind and cool off the pressure the week might have thrown at them. While at it, they happen to rub shoulders with a different people.

People go to the club with different motives. There are those that go there to just gulp down their life stresses with rounds of drinks, those that go to unwind, those that go to close deals, those that hope for a one night stand and then there are those that try their luck to find love in the club.

With all these different motives in one arena, it can be a really risky venture to give out your heart to just anyone. Especially to that one who came to relieve stress. Or worse, that one who is eyeing for a one night stand.

3. Dating shows
Watching a dating show can be so interesting. Partly because it comes out as a scripted show rather than a reality show. Listening to the qualities that people want in their partners can easily give an answer to why they are single.

Finding a match in these dating shows is not a walk in the park. Love finds us in unexpected times and places. Someone on a dating show can tick all the boxes of the qualities you displayed, but you’ll still need more time to get to know that person on a deeper level.

Similarly to dating apps, people can easily fake who they truly are just to fit in what you want.

4. Work place
Falling in love with a workmate doesn’t sound like a good idea. Does it? At least it shouldn’t. There are companies whose policies don’t allow colleagues to engage in intimate relationships.one of the major reason why this is not allowed is to maintain productivity. Have you ever heard of the street phrase that being around someone you love makes you lazy and less productive?

Work place relationship can be devastating, especially if you happen to fall in love with your boss. It can be all rosy and paradise when both of you are happy, but once things go south, be ready to also kiss your job goodbye.

5. Social media
Like dating apps, social media can also be disappointing. Social media users mostly share their winning side, their good-life side that they want you to see. They will hardly expose to you the other side of their life that is messy.

Some will even go to extends of pretending to be who they are not. They will share photos of themselves in expensive hotels, near high-end cars and even flash some life achievements. This can easily lure one into believing they are living their best of lives. Or that they are their best fit.

Don’t fall for such stunts. Always get to know the other side of life of these people before you agree to their advances. Most of them will approach you with the side that they want you to see so as to raise their chances of winning your heart.

Mr. Ogonji is a highly professional and talented journalist with a solid experience in covering compelling stories, reporting facts, and engaging audiences. He is driven to uncover the truth behind today's most pressing issues and share stories that make a genuine impact.

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