Kenya’s Thriller Igiza to Premier on Showmax

“Sibling rivalry, sweet revenge.”

Showmax. If you are a lover of Kenyan films, then you are about to experience the thrill that Showmax is bringing your way.

Not long ago Showmax announced that they were gearing up for new Kenyan originals this year.

On May 23, 2022, Igiza, one of the originals, will be premiering. In Igiza, you will experience a high-stakes drama, and the thrill revenge story of twin sisters Nicole and Linda.

The Kenyan original is set against the silhouette of the revolving Nairobi Fashion scene and money laundering business.

Nicole breaks out of Prison after serving a 12 years jail term. After serving, she comes out and wants to take the place of her twin sister, Linda, who was the reason why she was imprisoned. Nicole wants to take back what her sister took from her. But there is a setback; Linda’s life that looks all glamorous has secrets that may destroy her.

The 30-second teaser reveals that something big is about to go down as we’re introduced to the two sides of Serah Ndanu in the dual role of the twin sisters – the inmate Nicole and Linda, a top fashion designer who runs a successful fashion house. Both their lives are about to change when Nicole sets her revenge plan into motion. In Igiza, we meet Kenya’s veteran actor Ainea Ojiambo of Kina who plays Musa, a prison warden who is bedeviled with Nicole and Sheila Ndanu of Maria who plays Salome, a top dog serving a life sentence who’s also Nicole’s ally in prison.

Other actors starring in the 13-part series are Kevin Samuel (Mali), Blessing Lung’aho (Zora), Emmanuel Mugo (Pillow Talk),Keith Chuaga (Famous), Torome Sision (Monica), and Eddie Mbugua (You Again). Igiza is helmed by Abdi Shuria (known for his works as a cinematographer for 2021’s hit Nafsi and upcoming feature Ayaanle), King Muriuki (The XYZ Show) and Abu Melita under their company Yare Productions.

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