5 Reasons Why Women Still Face Upsurge of Unemployment

Much is on our plate to talk about when it comes to both employment and unemployment among women. Well as per the corporate rule a position isn’t given, its acquired. A reality check that is not familiar to most women, leading to women eschewing employment.

As its popularly said, ‘change is inevitable’. The say is more evident in this current generation where women empowerment is the theme for our daily life.

We are now living in times where women have more thirst for financial independency more than any era. Which is a premonition to the economy of a nation. It only means there will be more input prompting to better living standards and a fully morphed society.

Here is to why there is rise in unemployment among women.

1. Unmet qualifications

Unlike men who apply for a job despite not acquiring the desired qualifications of a position, they will still go ahead to give their shot.

Women will be perusing on job application sites and ignore jobs that they are 90% qualified because they miss out on two requirements. Nowadays you’ll find people creating work profiles on LinkedIn where employers and Human Resource managers delve into your eminent profile to scrutinize eligible candidates.

LinkedIn is the ilk of social media that you will be scrolling to find insights and left amused by the incredible influence and achievements most women have made. Funny thing is that you’ll walk into most offices and realise most of them cop out.

2. Opaque career plan

For the longest time a girl has been empowered to grab their rights to education though the purpose for it all has never been made clear. The society has projected education to a girl as a distraction strategy for early marriages and teenage and early pregnancies.

Most women after acquiring a baccalaureate or a diploma, they seem to have made a better impact and life and much is achieved. The thought for what’s the next plan for my career isn’t what they put their energy towards.

There is much to building a career that is bewildered by a nice paying job offer that’s not related to a career vision. The notion about life after school being a bout seeking independency and not idling around has been the source of diversion that’s most times is weightage by the pride of their stature.

Women are unable to talk about their career expectations and how they envision their career life. This then becomes the root for an unplanned career. Strategies on supplementary courses that boost the degree certificate should be considered. A point of starting to create yourself opportunities to solidify your skills should be the next key strategy. Building a resourceful network that will augment your growth will work better to pellucid career.

3. Sexual Harassments

Sexual harassments have been an underlying issue to why most women leave or reject and discern employment. In 2018 a survey was done and the findings were that 38% of women experience sexual harassments in workplaces.

The statistics are quite alarming since it has robbed self-esteem and confidence of determined individuals and instilled fear among young thriving career women.

75% of the sexual harassments cases go unreported due to trauma, stigmatisation and the most common retaliation. 55% of victims’ experience retaliation after speaking up.

Factors that catalyse the rise in sexual harassments are; a job promotion, a rise in pay, job acceptance, benefits or a favourable work shifts and job security.

4. Societal expectations and norms

Society plays a major role in shaping peoples mind-set. This include cultures and traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. Things that seemed to have work in favour of old folks.

By nature, a woman is a conservative, therefore much is not expected. The society hasn’t yet morphed to accepting there is time for everything and a human has their own rights and freedom.

Despite having your natural timeline (your age), the society has its own set of rules which includes, age of success, age for marriage and age for starting a family.

For a woman hers is the younger she is the more productive she is which is influenced by her biological timing.

5. Absentia of a mentor and mentorship programs

In every successful career, a person who guides and willing to advise is necessary. Particularly one that is quite old and more exposed to the field one is at.

The mentors are able to find your strengths and present your name on potential board of directors. Something most women are lacking.

Mentorship programs and sponsorship that elevate one’s career are other necessities that are yet to be harnessed when it comes to women empowerment.

Mentorship programs helps in improving one’s skills by providing professional guidance and a great network. A network that accelerates innovation and creative ideas to reality.

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