The Dark Traits in Female Friendships

The Dark Traits in Female Friendships

September 20, 2021 0 By Ngare Wambui

Female friends might look classy, fun and a great vibe. They might flash the type of friendships hat everyone wants to be associated with.But there are a lot if things that happen behind the scene that are nasty and embarrassing.

Word has been out there already that girls bring themselves down – that they are their own downfalls. And that is nothing far away from the truth. Your friends will want to see you do good, but not better than them.

What are these dark traits, you ask. Here are those traits that makes girl-friendships look bad. Feel free to add some in the comment section, or also share an experience.

Female friends compete so much. This could be openly or just under the water. They will want everything you have. They will go extra miles to just purchase what you purchased. Sometimes they’ll do this to make you feel jealous or feel small.

Whilst these friendships are fun to be around with, the unhealthy competitions might make you feel depressed and low. The worst of it is that they don’t show the competitions straight forward. You will just use common sense to realize your friend is trying to be better than you.

Sometimes they openly ask the price of the things you have. Be it the weave, the gloss, or the dress. They will want to know the price so that they may but the same, or just hit you with the, “they overcharged you, I know where you can get a cheaper one.”

Jealousy is common in these friendships. Yes, they are your friends but like I said earlier they don’t want to see you doing better than them. They want to be on top. They want to be the focus.

They will get mad at you anytime you pull out with a new dress or a new hairstyle. They will pretend to like it, but deep down they hate it that you are stunning.

Jealousy can also come in when you are in a happy relationship. They will do anything to see you suffering or having hard times with your boyfriend. They might end up giving you bad advice or even discouraging you. It is always best to not share everything with your female friends, especially your love life. But can you?

Disappear during hard times
You will realize that most of these friendships are there when you are happy, having a good time and just vibing. But what happens when you hit rock bottom? You find yourself alone. Yes, right.

Most of these friends hardly come through when you are going through hard times. They will give all sorts of excuses to just distance themselves from you.

This could answer why most ladies prefer having male friends. Male friends are, undoubtedly, loyal. They will help you and won’t go around talking about it to others.

Back biting
They will laugh with you, then later laugh at you. This is common in these cliques. They will praise you in your face, tell you everything you want to hear, then later talk all the negatives that they held back.

In as much as it’s good having friends, it’s also good to not share every detail about your life. Because you don’t know how that detail will be used later.