Things To Avoid During Your Period

Things To Avoid During Your Period

February 17, 2022 0 By Ngare Wambui

Menses are normal and very natural. For some people, menses are accompanied by cramps, food cravings and moods.

Lying down in bed and relaxing could be one of the thoughts that come to mind at such a time. But is it a good idea really? Maybe not.

There are things that you should avoid during your period. Here is our list:

Eating salty foods
Eating foods high in sodium only makes bloating worse during your menses. Avoid salty foods at all cost.

Leaving your tampon/pad on for too long
It’s not a good idea to wear your pad or tampon for longer than 3-4 hours. It’s not only unhealthy but also will make you uncomfortable.

Do not eat a lot of dairy foods
Dairy foods such as milk and yoghurt might sound like a good idea. However, having dairy foods during your periods may make you gassier which might roundly contribute to having an irritable bowel.

Avoid caffeine
Caffeine increases breast tenderness and increases anxiety and heart rate. Having caffeine will just worsen your periods.

No unprotected sex
Period sex might be a kink to some. It’s not a bad idea, but have it wrapped. There are high risk of contracting an STI during your menses. The increased risk is due to the presence of blood during sex which makes blood-borne diseases easy to transfer.

Do not get breast exam
Getting breast exams is always a good idea but of course not during your periods. Your boobs are sensitive during menses and they could easily raise unnecessary red flags due to the cystic breast changes.