Why There’s Need To Encourage Political Urge To Our Young Girls


Being in a male-dominated society that’s being empowered by feminist rule, much is still left uncovered. Truth be told women’s empowerment is now a global anthem. From accepting women’s viewpoints to making effort.

Though as a society we have a long way to go more so when it comes to engaging women in the political issues of their land.

We’ve had women being vocal about empowerment, and the young women are striving for the same notion without understanding the importance of access to these privileges. This brings us to the point we ask is feminism here to break cultural norms or just embrace education and status?

Come to think of it politics is the basic foundation of an economy yet our young women are left out of the grip. There is much in the space that remains undisclosed yet it affects the whole dynamics of freedom and acknowledgment of rights.

With the help of our fore women such as Wangari Maathai, who was known for being a humanitarian. Her main focus was in line with the empowerment of women. She used her political position as a weapon to enlighten other women and create an aid for their growth.

Michelle Obama never took a back sit as the first lady. Despite the need to create awareness and embrace education among women, she encouraged the need to be aware of your voice and its impact on society.

We are fond of hearing about gender equality and access to information but the need to be clear about the impacts of politics remains unprocessed, without apprehending the influence it has on our lives, whether directly or indirectly.

Here are some of the reasons as a society we should consider enlightening our girls on matters of politics.

Economic Productivity

As it is popularly said, politics is the foundation of an economy, this statement is not familiar to many ears. Facts are said that productivity is only improved when the output is maximized.

This can only be achieved when a woman is empowered. This is through access to education and employment. Which was brought to light through the gender equality movement, that was pushed forward by women who accessed the political position.

Through gender equality, women were able to access equal pay that helped improve the living standard of their families. This abridged the housewife norm which led to more input that affect the economic productivity of a nation.

Understanding their Rights

Here is the question of how one will know her rights when they have limited knowledge of their rights as a woman. Many women were subjected to domestic violence because cultures denied them a voice.

They were tuned to the toxicity because they didn’t know any better about their self-worth in the name of submission and maintaining marriage vows. The rights to speech and the right to expression forced them to pass the same trauma from generation to generation.

It’s time to engage our young women with matters of the public and show them the responsibilities it comes with it including the impacts it plays in our day-to-day life.

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