5 Ways To Ease The Anxiety As You Wait For Elections Results

5 Ways To Ease The Anxiety As You Wait For Elections Results

August 12, 2022 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

As we eagerly wait to know who the 5th President of Kenya will be, we might need to lower our anxiety levels while at it.

Citizens have been anxious to know the outcome. It’s even more confusing when different media houses are giving different numbers.

However, there will only be one winner at the end of it all. What matters the most is the peace and unity that we have held close to our hearts thus far.

While we are waiting for the IEBC to give the final results, you might consider these five things to steal your attention away from the elections anxiety rollercoaster.

1. Try something new

You might use this free time that you have on your hands to try something out of the ordinary. You can try leveling up your culinary skills – cook a new dish and serve it to your family. Perhaps, you could try learning some new skills. There are a thousand of online courses that you can keep yourself busy with.

2. Continue with your normal life

After all, whether you worry about elections or not, life will still move on. The best thing to do is just to continue with your usual routine. The anxiety on who will win the elections might drain your energy especially when you focus on the numbers on your screens. Just focus on your work, family, friends or that new crush that keeps on blowing up your DM.

3. Make peace with the outcome

One way or the other, one of the candidates will become the next President. The best thing to do is just to prepare your mind for the outcome. Glueing your eyes on how the numbers are fairing might scar your emotions. At least you practiced your democratic right at the ballot, that’s what counts.

4. Concentrate on your hobbies

You are probably on a leave till this elections period end. This is the best time to do what you love the most, instead of letting elections anxiety drain your energy. Take those headphones and listen to your favourite jams, watch a movie, read that book that you’ve been postponing. Or, you may use this time to just catch up with friends and family. This will at least block you from the hullabaloo.

5. Turn off internet

Everywhere you log in its just elections. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. It is the content that’s being shared the most in Kenya right now. You might need to reduce the internet usage or just turn it off completely. At least this way you will be able to detach yourself from the pressure and anxiety that’s making rounds on social media about elections. While at it, you will finally have the chance to bond with your surrounding.