Reasons Why Networking is Essential For Your Career Growth

Reasons Why Networking is Essential For Your Career Growth

October 23, 2021 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

A street adage echoes “Your network is your networth”. No doubt, networking has proven to establish relationships that have been mutually beneficial to the parties involved.


There are various avenues where you can build important contacts and long-term relationships that will boost your career journey. These networking avenues could be conferences, summits, business events e.t.c


In this digital era, social media platforms have also created opportunities for like-minded people to network. The most common one being LinkedIn.


You might be reading this with a raised eye brow wondering, ‘why should I even network?’ let us jump right in to reasons why networking is essential for your career.


1. Creates job opportunities

Networking brings people with similar interests, passions and career scope together. The relationship you build with new contacts can land you job opportunities. Say, you are a copywriter, and you happen to network with a C.E.O of company X who has been having trouble writing copies that sell. Just by how you present yourself while engaging with him might land you your next gig.


While trading information at networking events, people are able to spot each other’s skills and knowledge. And when an opportunity comes up, they’ll not hesitate to tag you along.


2. Makes you visible

For you to advance in your career, you need to put your work out there and get noticed. One of the best ways to do that is by attending networking events and meeting new people who will challenge your beast mode.


Networking exposes you to other people who are on the same career path as you. This enables you to share ideas, learn from each other and even gain some knowledge on how to improve on your craft.


3. Exposes you to career advice and support

While networking, you happen to meet a lot of people. Some who are ahead of you career-wise, some who are below you and those on the same level with you. All these people are paramount in your career growth.


Engaging with them will help you get some career advice that will elevate your skills. They might be doing things differently that boosts their career growth, which you might borrow from them. Some might even go to extends of giving you support (financially).


4. Builds self-confidence

Self-confidence is essential in your career. You need to show up to the occasion and act like you know. For you to be trusted in what you do, you need to act like you know what you are doing.


You gain self-confidence from the advice and support that you receive from networking. You end up realizing that the challenges that you face are normal in that field. And that you are not alone.


5. Inspires creative thinking

In a cooperate set-up, creative thinking is essential. Coming up with new ideas to elevate sales or generate leads in your company might even earn you a promotion.


Networking allows people to share new ideas. From listening to others, you end up coming with other new ideas which you can implement in your career or company. Also, creative thinking will help you find solutions to problems that might come your way.


Bottom line:

Do not hesitate to build these relationships. They are very essential in building connections and growing your career. Like the wise ones say, “no man is an island” you will need other people to go up the ladder of success.


Also remember, before you network, ask yourself what you are bringing on the table. Don’t be a parasite to the other party. Networking is a two-way traffic where both parties benefit from each other. Let’s meet at the top.