Tea is back: Fans Excited as Switch TV Brings Back ChatSpot

Tea is back: Fans Excited as Switch TV Brings Back ChatSpot

July 9, 2022 0 By Brian Khavalaji

After a 7- month hiatus, Kenyan popular entertainment show, ChatSpot, is back, Writes Switch TV’s Digital writer Anne Desdemona.

The show, which was previously hosted by Nairobi’s finest tea mistresses Nana Owiti, Kush Tracy, and Joyce Maina is now hosted by the first two, while Kush Tracy is replaced by the bold and charming Mary Mwikali.

ChatSpot had its place in many Kenyans hearts back when Switch TV was airing on television. The show premiered on July 7, 2022 on Switch TV’s YouTube channel. From the premier, one can easily tell that the vibe has not died. The trio discussed various trending topics including Wajackoya, Conjestina Achieng, finances, and the death of Nairobi Half life’s actor Maina Olwenya among many other exciting stories.

Their bubbly personalities are a true definition of the work of art that happen on creation day. They source stories and talk about them in the most hilarious ways, with unique perspectives and expertise.

Switch TV has also promised its fans to “Prepare to be inspired, amused, and updated on the current trends, real talks, hot topics, exclusive interviews and so much more with the three amazing hosts Joyce Maina, Nana Owiti, and Mary Mwikali.”

In December 2021, Switch TV announced its move to shift to digital. This need to shift into the digital space is a direct consequence of the revolution happening in the media industry due to technology. For this reason, most media houses are turning to the digital world to produce and publish content.

This shift saw Switch TV ceasing on-air broadcasting of its shows that mainly spoke to the needs of the youth. Here are some of the exciting shows that will forever be missed.

Real Talk: Hosted by Timima Ibrahim, the show catered for the needs of the youth, offering a platform where they could share about their life; learn, laugh and get empowered to chase their dreams and aspirations. OH MEN: Hosted by transformational speaker and image consultant Robert Burale, OH MEN was a talk show that dealt with issues affecting men both physically and emotionally. Its mandate was to foster knowledge, self-discovery, growth and power.

Full Circle: Hosted by former KTN presenter Mary Mwikali, Full Circle was a lifestyle talk show that tackled lifestyle issues such as health, careers, food, marriage, travel and style.

Other interesting shows includes Quizshow, Decoded and Switch Focus. This new face of Switch TV is super exciting. Since early this year, Switch TV has been producing a few shows online. Re-introducing ChatSpot is one way of restoring its glory in the hearts of Kenyans.