Welcome To Con City

Welcome To Con City

May 21, 2022 0 By Belinda Ashlyn

A city known for having a full potential of happy souls, is on every display. From it’s netizens, to hilarious memes on the internet to the Twitter community that seem to be best students of life.

We live in a society where in every advantage there is a disadvantage. This isn’t any different.

Welcome to one of the most popular cities in Africa, with incredible views, elegant resides and not to forget world’s best tourists attraction sites.

The city is said to be one of those cities with a great business potential. Reason, the city people are money-minded. This means anything is a business including your own phone that you lost in a club while you were delving in a hot conversation with the bartender lady. You will find it the next day along the streets being sold at a throw away price.

You walk along certain streets and notice how busy everyone is. Though you won’t understand what kind of busy they are into unless; one man walks towards you assuming you are not from the city. They are guru’s in this industry, they distinctively know who is from ‘Jomoko’ and who is from ‘Kinoo’.

They come in the most peaceful way. They will tell you how the streets are quite harsh and how rare it is to find someone like him. Number one rule in every business: Build trust with your customers. They know this for sure.

You’ll trust them unknowingly. They will guide you like the way the wise men blindly followed a star.

You reach at a point and a sudden commotion that leaves you unflinched and the good samaritan you thought was from Jericho is no more. Your sweet potatoes from the village will be someone’s meal for the night.

You are a strong believer for policies and rules. Like a good law student who is aware of his rights, you walk towards a police officer in charge of traffic, they call them APs.

You try to explain to him how you’ve just lost your properties and he acts like he is partially deaf. Untill he starts ranting on how he is tired, the sun is too scorchy and definitely that’s an indirect polite way to ask for a token for listening.

Well you are well raised and a strong believer for kindness, you grab your a hundred shillings to save yourself from his sentiments.

He acts keen and very moved by your story and is about to help, instead he whistle and and tells you “karibu jiji” (welcome to the city).

It’s not like he didn’t know, he is fully aware of what goes around and he never bothers. At the end of the day he is into the collaboration. He gets his share in every dime.

A Similar story from someone else. You walk into one of the busiest stores. Assuming they have everything of quality and are intact.

On the display its one of the biggest phone brands. You walk into it and a lady with a soothing voice dressed in a nice mini dress walks towards you. If you’re a girl then it’s the vise versa. It’s called marketing.

You are taken to a consultation spot where you are given options on what phone to take home, specs that suits you and the prices. You really love them. And automatically you grab your purse or wallet and you are there buying your phone. Head home with delight. Two weeks later the phone crashes or turns off.

You clearly have no enough money to buy another one. You take it to the guy that repairs phones and all he does is giggle. Like you cracked a joke. You can’t understand his laugh but It’s quite too late to realize that you bought a refurbished phone.