Mutoriah, Watendawili, Prue, Ayrosh Headline Goethe’s The Jam Concert

There is something about live music that I cannot put in words. With each one of it, there is a unique style, vibe, and feeling. At Goethe’s July Jam Concert edition held at Kuona Artist Collective in Hurlingham, we were served with live music from Mutoriah, Watendawili, Ayrosh, and Prudence Mukoya. There was also a waist-dislocating Dj set by Kamushez.

Let’s say that’s not how we want to write this article, yeah? That we want to break down every detail, and see things clearly through the lens of this writer. Only then can we understand the beauty and impact of the glorious event it was..

My plan for Saturday July 16, 2022, was to go hiking at Ngong Hills. If you have been there, you know walking up the hills more than 7 kilometers is no joke. When my boy Phil sent me a link for this event, I cancelled the hike. Here were my expectations; see Mutoriah perform live (from previous interactions with his music, he seems like someone with so much potential), network, and generally have fun!

Watendawili performing

And no, these are not like your new year resolutions. These are concrete goals. So what happened? Did I get a chance to watch Mutoriah perform live? Did I network? Did I have fun? Yes to all of that and so much more!

The event was hosted by Anyiko Owoko, music publicist (Anyiko PR) and events curator. The event, dubbed The Jam Concert series, created by Goethe Kenya, as Anyiko puts it, showcases “the best of Kenya upcoming and established acts- all performing live music with a live band. ”

I met Anyiko. Excited as it is, I would say she is a woman winning big in the public relations field. Interacting with her was exciting. She is humble and good at her craft. Throughout the concert, she coordinated the performances well, even joining the audience in dancing and singing along the fire songs by the acts!

Prudence Mukoya performing

While in the spirit of photographing the event, I met Lorraine Wangui, 2021 Sondeka Award winner (poetry category) and a health journalist. We had a smooth conversation about our career paths, and it was interesting that this event (I know you want to say “the universe”) connected us. From time to time, we would meet amidst dances and clicks, something that wouldn’t have happened if I went to Ngong. Is this a new Network?

I have so many words for Prudence Mukoya (Prue or rich_blood_rue), who is also a makeup artist. An Afro soul singer, she incorporates African rhythm and harmony in her execution. The first act on stage, she did marvelously. Coupled with her band, Prudence Mukoya delivered an electric performance for the books. Whether it is dance or singing, the vibrant singer gave it her all, highlighting the great potential she has. With her concordant voice and mad energy, she ‘wowed’ the crowd, setting the bar high for the following acts. This is despite the fact that she was performing to a crowd that didnt have an idea about her, but danced and sang with her in that colorful coordinated performance.

For the ‘Woza’ duo, Watendawili (Ywaya Eugin Simon and Israel Onyach), the crowd went wild. They are like some kind of high. When they are on stage, the crowd does not stay still. The stories they tell in their music are relatable, and even with the heartbreaking ones, the crowd would still sing along. They talk, rather subtly, about their rebrand from Kaskazini to Watendawili, and their exit from a ‘label’ which I believe is Sol Generation. I will leave it this way, Watendawili are artists who tell your story to you, of love, lust and the tussle that comes with relationships, and then add a touch of energy to it, and you won’t stop dancing to their tuneful songs.

Mutoriah on stage

Then I stood next to Morris The Actor (Famous and Baba Twins, Showmax) and the legendary Ayrosh, a folk-fusion Kenyan artist who tells African stories through his music. Ayrosh joined Mutoriah, Kenya’s afro electro-pop artist and producer, and the blend was magical. First because the crowd knew Ayrosh and Mutoriah’s songs by heart, and jammed to them with excitement. Mutoriah’s performance was incredible, judging from the crowd’s reactions to his singing. Ayrosh also stole the show with a vernacular banger, which most people sang along to!

The DJ set by Kamushez was enticing, playing almost 96% Kenyan music. He was quite a catch, with ladies screaming over his unbeatable talent, and gents dancing to his craft. The event was set to end at 10 pm, but you would see a little crowd jamming to the last bits of Kamushez’s magicn then and thereafter.

For the first time, I danced, and wasn’t ashamed of it. I let the music go into my bones, and blocked out the world so that the only thing that mattered was the gems that are Kenyan songs. I live for live music, and you know I will come to your hood if you plug me, and I will write about it.


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