The Files – Short Film Depicting Resilience Against Femicide

Femicide cases replete the airwaves after Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student Rita Waeni Muendo and Socialite Scarlet Wahu were brutally murdered in separate, yet similar, cases.

The Files, which emerges not so long after the outburst of violence against women, is a poignant and compelling short film that advocates against deep-seated misogyny, extreme gender-based violence (GBV) and the alarming rise of femicide in Kenya.

The Film, produced under Guzman Pictures, follows Starr, a young woman who is physically and emotionally abused by Johnny, her male partner.

Johnny is an arrogant, violent and abusive drug dealer. You will hate him, gawp at his alter ego, then hate him some more.

The film  sheds light on the grim reality faced by many women who fall victim to abusive relationships. Starr becomes a symbol of resilience and strength as she endures both physical and emotional abuse from Johnny, who has committed multiple femicides and gotten away.

As the tension escalates and Johnny’s threats against Starr become more dire, the film takes an unexpected turn. A group of young runners, who work under Johnny, develop an unexpected fondness for Starr.

This unlikely alliance sets the stage for a suspenseful and gripping plot as the group hatches a  plan to rescue Starr from the clutches of her abuser.

The strength of The Files lies in its portrayal of femicide, emphasizing the urgency of addressing such atrocities in the society.

The Film is directed by Amos Byegon who has 24-and-counting titles under his hat including The Click, Bloom and Kwani si Kesho. He also played a major role in producing The Files alongside Susan Maingo.

Inspired by the recent femicide cases, Tony Ogwa Tony took to his pen to bring this film to life. He is the screenplay writer behind this socially relevant short film.

Jonathan Greenland was the director of photography whilst Christol Ann ensured the edits were up to the standards.

Its gripping narrative and authentic performances were necessitated by Ivon Karwitha who plays Starr. Karwitha was also casted in Bloom, a short film that follows a struggling hairdresser cum budding singer who is compelled to steal from a client during a house call.

In the film, Phineas Mbai skillfully portrays the antagonist role of Johnny, while Desmond Tutu takes on the character of Steve. The character Mwas is played by Sawyer Kiunjuri.

Grace Njeri embodies the role of Nicole, and Erick Gaya assumes the character of Jeremy. Additionally, Ronald Owino takes on the dual role of Jeremy, adding complexity to the character dynamics in this compelling cinematic experience.

You can watch the The Files here.


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