Omar Black: My Mom Motivated Me To Pursue Music

His music journey began when he was way young. He drew inspiration from Lil Wayne and got motivation from his mom who encouraged him to keep on keeping on. Omar Black, shares with us a glimpse of his music path.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Clifford Otieno and my stage name is Omar Black born in the slums of Kibra on October 10, 1997.

When did you realize your passion for music?

Back in grade 4 it’s when I started rapping along other artists’ songs, one day my mum heard me and she was like “son do you sing” I said no and she was like “I know you do, give it your heart” She motivated me and that’s when I started listening to Lil Wayne who influenced me and is my role model. I try to follow in his steps.

Which is your favourite song, among your songs?

My favorite song is called “get ma track yoh” which I collaborated with Mos Big Hommie and came up with two different vibes and flow in one song.

Which song was the hardest to write?

The song that gave me the hardest time to write was “Booty Criminal” I was featured by @dabi delperis coz I had to specifically think and concentrate on the tittle. Although I love it and it’s still one of my favorites because we all came hard on it.

Omar Black

Which challenges do you face?

The type of rap I do, most people find it difficult to listen to. I professionally rap in English, that’s all I know, and since I’m from the ghetto most people hardly want to listen to pure Rap in English? On my flow they all say I’m dope but lyrics only a few get it. I am still doing my thing despite that being my greatest challenge.

If you were to change one thing in Kenyan music industry, what would it be?

In music industry we need to create more shows, event promotions and the government to take part too in paying artist by introducing more streaming platforms.

What are your plans for this year?

This year my plan is to work on my second album.


Artists, sacrifices are a must, for your music to pursue, you must have a source of income.

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