Cheap Yet Exquisite Gifts To Buy Your Man For Valentine’s

Cheap Yet Exquisite Gifts To Buy Your Man For Valentine’s

February 9, 2022 0 By Ngare Wambui

It is quite a bustle to know what to buy for your man. Most of us, ladies, have always been buying our partners gifts such as socks, boxers and all that. It’s time to atleast change that a bit.

The economy is not that good. And the fact that this year’s Valentine’s day is falling on a week day makes it even worse. We however still have to make it count for our lovers. That small gift can go a long way.

It’s not necessary to buy him an expensive gift. Just buy him something that will make him feel appreciated. You could be wondering what are these affordable yet exquisite gifts that I can buy for my man?

Here is a list of some of the gifts that you may get him. They are gifts that are cheap, for a budget of below Ksh 1000.

Smart temperature sensing ring
Men love rings. This particular ring not oy decorates the finger buf also measures the temperature. It comes in different sizes and colour. It has the new technology of smart sensing and still maintains its fashion style.

Ksh 290

There is a quote that goes something like, “a complete man must have a wallet, watch and a belt.” Of course, if you want a complete man, why don’t you get him a wallet where he can put his money and cards. It feels great seeing your man fish out a wallet to pay for a bill – it’s a total turn on.

Ksh 393

Every man is a fan of shoes. These particular lightweight shoes can go with any outfit, be it jeans, cargo pants or even casual official wear. They are multi-purpose yet classy. Being that they are also breathable sneakers, he may still use the shoes on his morning run, or at the gym.

Ksh 610

Slim jacket
You could have opted for a jacket. But a slim jacket ultimately sounds like a better idea. Why? Because it can be worn in any weather – cold or hot season. Slim jackets makes a man look fancy, neat and dapper. The jacket may also be worn with any outfit – be it casual or official.

Ksh 974

Like we earlier said, a complete man must have a watch too. Buying him a watch for Valentine’s will be a very good gesture to him.

Ksh 180

Laptop backpack
This could be unexpected. Out of all the gifts a lady has ever bought a man, I doubt if a laptop bag was part of it. This means that you not only care about him but also his belongings. Buy him that laptop backpack and wait for his reaction.

Ksh 899

3Pcs men casual laptop backpack
We are still on the backpacks. Only that this time this one comes in threes. You buy one backpack and you get other two small ones inside thr backpack. Ladies’ handbags are common for this (having other pcs in one big bag) and now, men can also enjoy this heaveness of having ‘children’ of a bigger bag. Surprise him, will you?

Ksh 799