Bouti-ful; Boutross Munene Stole the Show During the Riara University Cultural Week Gala

Bouti-ful; Boutross Munene Stole the Show During the Riara University Cultural Week Gala

March 19, 2022 1 By Brian Khavalaji

Riara University organized a gala night to crown Mr. and Miss Riara 2022- 2023 that was held at Stedmark Gardens in Karen on Friday, 18 March, 2021. The event, which was fully packed, saw the performance of Brandy Maina (Amapiano vibes) and Lil Maina (Gengetone vibes). If you allowed me to be puny, I would say those were just minor performances. However, the real deal was Boutross Munene’s alias Bouti premium and OG performance.

In an electric performance, Boutross confirmed that he is indeed the king of Shrap music in Kenya. The ‘yea yea yea’ hitmaker commanded the crowd and it was all evident from the screams, sing-alongs, selfies, and snaps, and videos, stage support from fans and cheers from the crowd.

Interestingly, he became the crowd pleaser. Riara University has a diverse culture. This makes it hard to please the crowd. However, Boutross managed to unite the crowd with one language; music that knows no boundaries.

The most electric performance was the song ‘story ilianza’ off his mixtape. His lyrical prowess and witty lines excited the crowd. There was so much energy from the crowd. It seemed that Boutross resurrected the tired souls.

Boutross Munene at Stedmark Gardens

When ‘Ndovu ni kuu’ blast the speakers, no one could still sit down. Those who were having a drink, chatting outside or engaging in small talk all stood up. It was as if they were suddenly injected with the fear of sitting down.

Then DJ Travis did his part like an obedient servant. The crowd went wild. The effect was shared widely.

To many, Bouti saved the night. With such events, artists like him keep the crowd alive. With the help of super MCs Leroy, Ashley Mboya, Big freeze, Mc Buju, Kings and Tony Chubby, the event was fun-filled.

While this article is about Boutross Munene, the contribution of Brandy Maina, Lil Maina, and upcoming musicians such us Danski, Vince and friends, among others is praiseworthy.

Special shout out to Riara University, Riara University Student Association (RUSA) led by Juma Shabat, and all students from Riara and other universities who showed up to support the crowning of Mr. and Miss Riara.