5 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You


Relationships are fun when both of you are faithful and loyal to each other. Healthy relationships involves genuine feelings and true love between the couple. However, things might get nasty along the way. One party might decide to have an affair, or worse, sleep around carelessly.


Cheating in relationships is an unhealthy act which might come with hurtful repercussions. It can lead your partner to depression, breakup and even contracting of sexually transmitted infections.


It might be hard to spot a cheating partner at a glance. An unfaithful partner will always have excuses and back ups to his/her lies. They will make you believe everything is running smoothly in the relationship.


Here are 5 Signs that your partner may be having an affair outside the relationship.


1. Pulling away

A partner that is cheating will pull away from the bond you share. They will act distant and stop paying attention to the things you used to do together. If they were supporting you in your career, school work or life in general, you’ll notice a slow-down behavior.


It’s common for a cheating partner to divert his/her attention. Their focus, attention and energy goes to the new person in the picture, thus ignoring you. You might have tried to earn your partner’s attention, or engage in conversations but you notice some peculiar unfamiliarity between the two of you. That is one crystal clear indicator that your partner may be cheating on you.


2. Less intimacy

If you’ve noticed that the sex life in your relationship has morphed from healthy and active to boring and scarce, it’s a red flag that your partner is up to something.


Intimacy spices up a relationship. Studies reveal that men, especially, are more at peace and comfortable in relationships where there is plenty and frequent intimacy. However, it’s also proven that they might still cheat despite the intimacy being present in the relationship.


It’s not surprising to find your partner cheating on you even though you give the intimacy. Once you realize a decrease in how often you used to get intimate, it’s a possible indicator that he is cheating on you.


3. Frequent lies

A cheat is a liar. A cheating partner, like aforementioned, will use lies to cover his/her tracks. When you notice your partner is not telling you things directly or lying about minor things such as who they are with, where they are or who they are calling, it could be a sign that your partner is no longer faithful.


It is proven that most partners who cheat end up living a life full of lies and mysteries. They end up forging events and stories so as to maintain their status and look genuine.


4. Calling you by the wrong name

Have you ever been talking to your partner then he calls you a different name? Yes, red flag on the spot. A cheating partner will invariably confuse and end up calling you a different name. That different name might be the exact name of the person he/she is cheating you with.


For a partner to confuse your name, that means his attention and feelings have fully been directed to that other person.


5. Suddenly wants privacy

When your partner suddenly wants to have his phone to have a password, or to receive calls away from you, that is a clear sign that there is someone else in the picture. You might have had a transparent relationship where you could check your partner’s phone anytime, or receive his calls. But when this suddenly changes, be sure someone is cheating.


Sometimes, they tend to delete messages so as to maintain their innocence. Some might even create pseudo accounts on social media so that you may not recognize their activities.


If you’ve noticed that your partner is hiding his/her phone from you, or suddenly wants to be private than he/she was before, consider that he might be cheating on you.

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