July 30, 2020 3 By Jack Nthigah

Prayer partner,

I felt like scribbling down these words just to get some ease in my heart. Do I really miss you? Not really. Do I still love you, of course not. It was one hell of a ride we had, sadly it had to come to an end. We had different ambitions and different dreams. We just couldn’t cruise through this journey together so we choose to call it off. I smile every time I remember all the prayer sessions we had, all night long and waking up at five for revivals till we got satisfied. Prayers right?

I remember the first day we met,you were arguing with the conductor enroute to Rongai” Ebu wewe nirudishie change yangu,hiyo 10 bob inaeza nunua avocado” That got me laughing,we had mutual feelings towards avocados. I approached you with a smile criss crossing my face ready to astound you with lines you’ve never heard of. Only for you to turn me down with the “huezani kijana” line and I promised myself that I’ll fish in your pod no matter how long it took me. I stalked and nagged you till you had no choice but to give me your number. Did you ignore me? Of course you did, not counting the endless greyticks you gave me before you decided to reply with a simple hae.

Well, I played my cards right and you ended up warming everything I had,my bed of course, we couldn’t get enough of each other,talk about lust right. Two weeks passed by and the ‘I love you’s’ started flowing in. We religiously worshipped evening walks and muturas, casually laughing and pecking every chance we got,mahn you had me for sure. How quickly we forgot that, I don’t know,you just saw my homie Mike driving a Subaru and everything came falling down. This was a side of you I wished you had kept under the wraps. Didn’t you tell me you weren’t materialistic? Syke(laughing).

It’s all okay, I don’t hold grudges remember, I let shit slide and forget. I’m surely forgetting you don’t you worry about that. I’m good by the way,got myself a queen,too bad she ain’t into muturas but I’m so fond of bajhias now. I drove past you last week,did Mike get rid of his car or something? The amount of dust on your shoes told me so and yeah, I’m driving now,super right? I’m not bragging but I wish you were patient with me. What do we do though, what’s done’s done, moving on is the only option. Good luck ahead, Slay till infinity.

Yours truly, Nthiga.