Rejigged WH’s Questions of Life

Hit me hard if this is a missnormer. Let’s just be realistic if we are anything of impact. I am aware of tons of potential that’s stuffed in us, where is the performance to be attributed to this humongous abilities in us? Who we are and what we can do should go beyond mere empty words but demonstrative. Let our ears be deafened by the loudness of your actions.

For us who are in cooperate space, there are these odysseys we have from our school days. We worked our behinds off with only two, not well arranged questions; we knew the subjects/units we did in those levels of schooling. The question here was “what are we doing?” we could cormfotably answer aptly.

We knew subjects or units we did so well, the scope and the content. The other thing was, we knew pretty well how to do them. I mean who didn’t know how to do what we were required to do in school. This does not mean that we did not have struggles to execute some. We were gifted differently, some were quick learners and other slow in allowing the concept infiltrate our cerebral cortex.

This is not my point but mine is, we had ideas of how we were supposed to do with all factors kept constant. I am a bit biased to use a school setting but the crux of if everything is how we view and approach life.

My climax is here, this is what I am convinced is the problem. See how you are intently looking at me as if am the savior of the world, he he, Easy, am just musing randomly but objectively. The ‘why’ questions should have always been prioritized in this endeavors. To revisit the aforementioned examples, did we ever asked ourselves why we are doing calculus for my friends actuaries, who did calculus 1,2,3,4 up to I don’t know 10. Before answering the ‘what question’; the unit code, when and where the classes will be lectured from and ‘how questions ‘ this led us to befriend those who grasped the concept effortlessly so that we don’t get nightmares during exams.

We rarely asked ourselves why calculus, don’t stone me if you ever did. The purpose of anything and everything we are doing is on trial here. This goes miles to help us strategize, grow or go for a new discipline with eyes fixed on the end goal, purpose.

The reason why we have substandard products and services is because the dourers are so obsessed with ‘what’ they are doing not to miss on ‘how ‘they are doing they are doing but scores terribly on ‘why’ they are doing it. Lets have our WH’s questions rejigged. Peace, I am out.

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