July 12, 2020 4 By Jack Nthigah

Its been a while since you got that booty call.

A few weeks,maybe.

Wait, months.

Years? What the hell!!

It’s natural to go through a dry spell, whether it’s down to being much too busy for sex, not feeling up for a good fuck, or struggling to find someone who you actually feel comfortable to have sex with (and who wants to have sex with you).

It reachs a point where you genuinely can’t remember what it feels like to have your bum touched,that feeling of being sexually into someone, it’s easy to panic. That feeling that your mjulubeng might be out of service or your cookie might dry up.

The truth is that a sex drought does have an impact on your mental, physical, and sexual state – but it’s not as dire as you might imagine at 2am right before a desperate Porn session to find someone, anyone, to remind you what the touch of another human feels like.

No, your vagina will not shrivel up and die. Your penis will not explode out of unexpressed lust.

You also won’t be ‘revirginised’, and your vagina will not magically tighten due to a lack of sex.The mjulubeng won’t shorten or lengthen.

Going through a sex drought can feel rubbish, especially if you’re not abstaining from sex by choice. Those higher levels of stress will come to the fore, and those having a dry spell may find themselves more sad, tired, and irritable.

It makes you happier, more confident, and smarter.

This isn’t only down to the physical act of rubbing your genitals together, but the emotional connection we feel when having sex with someone we like.

As far as I know no one has died from abstaining from sex but people have died from a lack of emotional and psychological connection.

Having sex with someone with whom you have such a connection is incredibly good for you.

Having skin-on-skin contact is such a good way of connecting emotionally as it echoes the contact we received when we were smaller. A stroke of a cheek or hand from someone who cares about us or loves us is one of the best free medicines on this planet.

A dry spell or kukauka as typical Kenyans call it can leave us feeling disconnected, isolated, and lonely, which isn’t ideal while our stress levels rise and our immune function drops.

But the answer to this isn’t a quick shag with someone we don’t particularly fancy, just to take the edge off. We need that human connection to get all the mental and emotional benefits of sex.