7 Things To Do After Graduation

7 Things To Do After Graduation

July 25, 2021 0 By Tyler Musalia

The uncertainty after finishing university or college can be devastating. Questions such as what next? What now? Is this it? Occasionally crosses the mind with unclear answers.

Life would seem smooth and linear while you are in campus. You might assume that you will get out of campus and land into your dream career immediately. However, after a lot of hard work and sleepless nights at school, the same set of energy will be needed in your next level.

Graduating from college or university is an achievement. It is exciting to finally complete your studies and stride to your next level of life. This next level of life can be confusing but with a clear strategy and plan, you’ll be able to navigate through the next phase with ease. Here are 7 things you can explore after graduation.

1. Continue your education
Education never ends. Once you are done with one step of your education, there’s always an option to upgrade. If you did Diploma, you can choose to go for a degree. If you did a degree, you can move to masters and so on. Continuing with your education helps you grow your knowledge ands skills that will help you in your career path. The more you go up rhe education ladder, the more the chances of you being marketable in the job market.

2. Find an internship
Internships are good avenues for one to build their experience and skills. Once you graduate, finding an internship will help expose you to the work environment of your career. There are lots of lessons and life skills that one picks up from internships. Among many others, one major lesson you’ll learn from your time in internship is how to work with people. You’ll realise working with people can be hectic since everyone comes on board with different ideas and mentality. At the end of the day, you will be needed to have a conclusion that favours the company’s productivity. Whether you find it irritating or fun, working cooperatively with people is one of the key factor that you should be ready to consider when searching for an internship.

3. Perfect your CV
This is the time to rewrite your CV and insert all the achievements. Update your CV to have details that tells more of who you are and the skills you have. With these digital era, information is easily accessible – scroll through the internet to find out ways on how to perfect your CV. A CV should be able to represent you infront of recruiters and earn you the dream job, so make it a big deal to perfect it as possible.

4. Turn your passion into a job
We are all bestowed with gifts and talents. What you might not know is that these gifts and talents and talents can earn you a living. Knowing where your passion lies, especially after graduating from college or university is essential. You can use the little time you have after graduation to perfect your passion and turn it into a job. If you are talented in singing, writing or any other talent and have passion in it, use that gift to make it an income generating activity. Working on something that you are passionate about will make you love your job and not regret waking up to it every morning.

5. Find volunteer opportunities
Spending time volunteering will help you gain some skills and experience that you can use later in your career. There are many organisations that look for young adults who are willing to volunteer in their different departments. Giving a hand to these organisations will not only help them, but also equip you with skills that will escalate your resume.

6. Start your own business
You might have had some business ideas while in campus. Perhaps, you had started the business already. If you hadn’t, this is the time to venture into one. It shouldn’t necessarily be something big, just a small business that will help you earn some coins here and there.

7. Find a job
Finally, everyone’s dream is to get a job that satisfies his/her desires. You went to school, worked hard and graduated now it’s the time to put into action what you spent sleepless nights for. Send your CV to potential companies and organisations. Don’t give up when you don’t get a feedback of your applications. Just keep on applying and hoping for the best.