5 Signs He is Just Wasting Your Time

Relationships have become unpredictable. Mysteriously unpredictable. You could be in a 2 years relationship only to find out that your partner never felt the same way. Young people are no longer interested in commitments. They see it as some type of slavery. They want to have you, and still have others.

How will you know if your man is not your man? How will you know that he is just wasting your time?

  1. He never gets jealous
    A jealous man is a loving man. Some have described jealousy as a toxic trait. However, jealousy helps to reflect how he feels about you. It helps to show that he cares. If a man never gets jealous over mere actions, then he is just there for the heck of it. He really isn’t into it. He hasn’t stamped a future with you in his mind.

2. He is never straight forward
A good relationship is one that has a label. One that both of you know what is going on. If he is never straight forward with his intentions, chances are high that he is just there to waste your time. He will act consistent with you then all over sudden he disappears. A guy who wants a serious relationship with you will save you from uncertainty and overthinking.

3. He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends
A famous local quote goes, “his friends are the ones who knows if you are the main chick.” His friends, more often that not, are the ones with the fact checkers. If you’ve been dating for a while and he hasn’t yet introduced you to his friends, chances are that he hasn’t yet made up his mind to be with you. He probably thinks you won’t click with his friends, or his friends won’t like you. Red flag.

4. He talks about other ladies in your presence
When he starts applauding other ladies’ attractiveness infront of you, that is a big red flag. If you are in a serious relationship, he should only be commenting about your beauty because he chose you, otherwise, he is wasting your time. This shows that he is not satisfied to have you. He still wants to explore. Sis, he is just wasting your time.

5. He never includes you in his future plans
If you are not dating for marriage, then you’re dating for a heartbreak. Once you are in a relationship, he is supposed to include you in his budget. You are entitled to be in his plans. It changes from “I” to “we”. If he doesn’t include you in his plans; his future plans, the cars he wishes to buy, the places he dreams to visit, get out of there, sis.

It is always important to know where you belong in someone’s life, lest you waste your time, feelings and even finances.

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