He is not into you

There is no good Lord Hardwick in this world that should make you stick to a man that is not interested to co-exist in a relationship with you. Do not be dickmatised.

A boyfriend who sends mixed signals is an academy of red flags. At this point, it is time to deport your feelings to somewhere else, where you are appreciated fully, as the queen you are (unless you are not, which is a shame!)

The dating scene is like gambling. Today you are sure to win, but something happens, and you feel the system is rigged. You try so hard to be fully attentive, emotionally available and even tolerate piles of shit from him, but even after all these, you can feel he isn’t there!

He is not interested.

A close friend of mine called me one day presented to me a case that needed dissection. As an experienced relationship expert that I am, I listened carefully.This was a case of a man, who entered a relationship that he was not ready to commit to. At some point he complained that he didn’t feel it and wanted to end things. But the lady placed him squarely where he belonged and they were rolling again. But, it happened again, that he was not β€˜feeling’ it.

His is a matter of interest. A relationship works on the basis of having an interest, mutual or not. There must be something that both of you bring on the table. For instance when watching SUITS, you’ll realize that, Michael Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has a relationship with Racheal Zane (Meghan Markle.) Their relationship, work or otherwise, is a give and take. Mike is the smart one, while Rachael is a good listener among other qualities.

Their relationship does not work. This is because, among other things, Mike Ross sleeps with his best friend and Rachael finds out. It is this shifting of interest that makes them fall apart. Therefore,once what he (your guy) got attracted to turns its colour, shape and size, a stupid signal is send to his mind, and he will want to call it quits.

In such situations, it is only advisable to let him go. There are no sides to be taken when it comes to someone who makes you feel insecure or constantly shows you red flags.

You might want to argue that your relationship is so dear that you will fight for it even in a battle where you only have a stick for a weapon. It is good to appreciate your effort but if he is not interested in you, you will lose and you will hurt so bad.To prevent that, you know what to do.

In conclusion, a man who loves you will try, commit, fight and speak the same language with you. He will treat you the best way he can afford. But these other relationship cripples and red flag bearers, make your life miserable.

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