It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable, Man

It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable, Man

February 2, 2021 5 By Valentine Otieno

The other day as I was watching TV I came across this discussion; Men should not ask for support from their women when they have shortcomings in life especially financially or emotionally. The selling notion was that men who ask for help especially financially from their women have been emasculated. How true is this? I don’t know.

Truth is; no man is an island, even the good book says ‘a man shall provide and his wife shall be his helper.’ Therefore if a man asks for support financially or emotionally he shouldn’t be viewed as a weak man. If anything, this is a strong man because he’s able to recognize his imperfections and understands that at one point he needs help. He is vocal enough to ask for help and is not consumed by this toxic thought, ‘mwanaume ni kujikaza.’

Most men who subscribe to this toxic thought that a man who asks for help from his woman is weak are slowly dying of depression due to excess pressure mounted on them. They want to please the society so bad that they go to the extremes forgetting that, the same society they are trying so hard to please will condemn them for doing what they do.

Wake up boy child! Recognize that there will be times you need help, be open about it, talk to your patner about it. ‘Heri punda aafe lakini mzigo ufike.‘ Let them call you sissy for doing that but at the end of it all your mental and emotional sanity are left intact.

A vocal man is an attractive man. You want something say it, you feel vulnerable about something, let it all out. Too much pressure is being mounted on you, talk to your patner about it. Doing this doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human, and as a human being you must be in tune with your feelings and you must express how you feel, therefore there’s no weakness of any sorts when you as a man reach out for support from your patner whether financially or emotionally.

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