November 22, 2019 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

I could write a whole book,
Make right every move to hook,
Kiss each morning by the brook,
Just to show how much I do feel for us,

At times I do think a lot, meditate by myself, I wish I could screenshot my feelings and thoughts and share them with you, so that you know what I go through all night and day,
as I wait for your soul to respond.

Time flies, feelings grow, love is unstoppable, and with or without the deadline, we still gotta smile to the thought that our veins just run the same blood, maybe we’ve got the same bloodline; shopping from the same cloth line,

Show me how deep you feel this
Saw me dip my finger on the waters just to test, and have a taste of how it’ll be having you by my side,just watching you smile, just watching you look at me with the sexy eyes,

I didn’t just wake up this morning knowing that it would be automatic to love you, it took me time, took me a lot to accept that and I said I won’t let go.

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