The ‘She’ Power

The ‘She’ Power

March 8, 2020 1 By Kathlyne Chepkirui

Woman who is she though?
You call her sis!I call her mama! He calls her wifey,she calls her my daughter,they call her auntie maybe even better niece,I repeat who is she anyways?So she’s expected to be everyone’s keeperūü§óThe warm hugs,the cold scolds,the juxstaposition is so obvious she’s a hard calm individual how’s that even possible?I mean who’s she?
She’s the first parent I got to know when I was slowly making her tummy burge.For nine months,she had to keep up with my little kicks for me it was the most satisfying feeling at the expense of her comfort she was patient with me.Would I sacrifice my pleasure to maneuver inside her for one calm say for her?No, perhaps there was nothing wrong with being a bit selfish, after all my days in the home i have known wasn’t forever.

So mama with the help of a mean doc. feel it’s time for me to pop out of my hidden home.Gggggrrr! I remember that day,I promised revenge to make it difficult for the doc to evacuate me.Instead of the normal kicks I was used to giving mama I chose to be cold,still no movement at all,I believe that was enough for Mama to be worried.I suppose she had assumed her position in the couch waiting on my little kicks,I kept my cool and decided to stick to the original plan,that was keep Mama uneasy.I was hoping I would get a little more reasons for them to let me be.Ooh No! As I execute my mischievous plan,I pass by and one wrong move and the next thing I know there’s a cord around my neck.Making it even harder for me to move I’m hurt,I’m broken,I’m trapped worst still this means game over for me.Now my fate in the hands of the doc.

I can’t clearly say what transpired all I know is I was dangling head first in the huge hands of the doc.My little eyes were open but sadly I couldn’t see a thing.Then moments later I feel a warm embrace,this one is particular wasn’t new at all,I couldn’t see but I could certainly feel the presence ofy guardian angel,my mama.I was able to finally able to meet the mysterious person behind my warm home I had known for sometime.That’s how I knew i was safe and a whole new home awaited me around.This was actually my first experience with this amazing person,she became a big part of me I couldn’t just imagine being without her.She became my doc,my prayer warrior,my teacher,my disciplinarian,my role model above all she was my God sent angel.I became her number one agenda,she wouldn’t eat or sleep before I did.She attended to me for the longest time I can remember.The person I knew as my protector for years also had other people looking up to her.Sometimes I ask myself how can Mama even do all these by herself?

She did put everyone’s interest before hers.It’s amazing how God created a woman.I have lived up to being the kind of a woman Mama was.She was a night owl and a morning bird.She was the answer to all the questions.A keeper she never betrayed,
A doc always up in the night whenever I was feverish,
By my side In every step of the way.
Today I celebrate all Women,
For the hustle and bustle to keep family,
For the the pain and endurance in pursuit of happiness,
For the sacrifices made in life to put a smile on people’s faces,
For the lives brought forth so as to keep generations going
For the homes built for love ,
For being loyal and submissive.
Women are such icons to be reckoned with because you realize as humans we do Alot but with women,we can do much more.The shoulder to cry on,the shoulder to lean on that’s a woman.

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