My Lady

When the sun downs and darkness rise
When crickets wake up and birds chirp no more
When the wolves go out to bask on the moonlight
When labourers down their tools and retire to bed
When solitude creeps in, remember me my lady

If it dawns and I fail to rise
If I go to war never to return
If I ever go to search and forget my way back
If I don’t show up on our wedding day
My lady, remember how much I loved you

Before he changes your mind
Before he feeds lies and anxiety into your heart
Before you let him imprison you in matrimony
Before you give up on me
My lady, remember how happy you were with me

I will go, but I will be back before sunset
I will leave early, it is not easy to be a man
Before I leave, let me leave you with my word
You are my one and only, I will wait for you
My lady, I will be patient till you are ready

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