Ladies, Treat Your Men

Ladies, Treat Your Men

February 18, 2021 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

On behalf of Jackson Kibor (Chairman of Stingy Men Association)I’d like to pass this message across. It should have been on top 3 agendas during the men’s conference, but no one has a clue on how it ended up missing. But we will see what we can do.

It is so funny, if not hilarious that ladies want to be treated like queens yet they can’t reciprocate the regal show of affection. We, real men, also want to be treated. We want to be taken out. For heaven’s sake, we want those gifts. Am I even loud enough?

Pass me the mic.

The other day, I wrote an article inquiring if men should expect any gifts from our female species during Valentine’s Day. The feedback shook the earth. Ladies out here don’t want, rather are not willing to treat their men. Why? You’d ask.

Here is why;

Different women have different reasons as to why they are not willing to give their men that king treatment. Susan (she insisted to be called Suzzie), a PR consultant, claims that it is a man’s duty to treat the lady and not vice versa. She adds, “Men are providers, they should take care of us from the beginning. A man that treats his woman well shows that he is able to also provide and care for the family.”

Whilst that could be on the verge of reality, there are other reasons that were given that would have risen Nabongo Mumia if they could have been said a pinch louder. Sheryl, a 23 year old, fourth year student at the University of Nairobi narrated to me of how men in her past relationship used her. They didn’t use her for her body, rather, they used her for her money.

“I was willing to give them anything they wanted, because I was able. I bought them gifts, took them for dates and did everything to make them comfortable. I even remember paying rent for one of them.” She says.

She asserts that her past relationships is the reason why she can’t treat a man. She invested too much in relationships that left her drained financially, mentally and emotionally.

Men want to be treated. They won’t utter that, but deep down they want. However, in a case such as that one for Sheryl, it becomes hard for a lady to invest that much in a relationship knowing very well what might happen.

A man’s ego is something poisonous. It can kill a relationship. Infact, it kills many relationships. The man’s ego has been chipped in men to believe that they need to be seen as men. They will end up going to extremes that mess them just so they can retain their man card.

How many times have you heard men sending fare and the meet up turns out futile, but they still continue sending. Who does that? Unless you are a stand-up comedian.

How many times have you heard men dying during coitus trying to showcase their bedroom prowess? It is not witchcraft. It is the pressure to show who owns the man card.

What if women understood that meeting up with a man is a win-win situation, therefore she should use her own fare and at least accompany herself with some shopping? That would really silence the echo in a man’s pocket.

A good number of men admitted to the fact that they feel inferior whenever a woman pays their date bills, or buys them something. They end up going extra, to beat the set record. For instance, if their woman buys them a pair of socks, they’d go a notch and buy them a pair of shoes just to jump beyond that set bar.

Ladies, treating your man is the best step you can make. It will strengthen the bond. He will become more generous to you and even lack the energy to cheat, for real.

Again, as I said, this agenda went missing during the men’s conference but we shall schedule a zoom meeting to discuss it broadly with the Stingy Men Association team. The link and other details will be communicated. Meanwhile, ladies treat your men.

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