July 16, 2020 6 By Jack Nthigah

“Welcome Brother Bartholomew,the choir will be so happy to meet you,” said Habakuk,the lead vocalist for the Rongo choir. I followed him into the hall where all the choir members were.
Their geekiness was clear enough to my eyes, I wasn’t lost after all. Their eyes moved with every step I made, funny I might admit but I loved every minute of it. Until my gaze fell on her.

Yes, I am Bartholomew,my friends call me Lomew, dark,tall and I hope you guys would add the handsome part for me,I am not so sure, P.S, I’m not that ugly. One would wonder why the hell my parents named me that but I kind of grew to it. Being extreme Catholics,the name seemed just right to them. The story of my life is short and simple, one might add sweet but whatever. Born and raised in Nyamakima. Nothing exciting had happened in my life so I might as well spare us some time get right to it.

“I’d like to introduce Brother Bartholomew to you all” said Habakuk. All that while my eyes were fixed on her,the damsel that was seated just in front of me. I read the name tag,”Bethsheba” which left me wondering why the hell such a bombshell would be referred to as “Bathsheba”. I was expecting more of Sasha or Sparkles just to name a few. Anyway, I scanned her and I swear on my father’s beard that she was the prettiest woman I ever saw. She appeared to be the light in the room with the aura of a red rose billowing around her clothes. I did not pay attention to her beauty, but rather her color, melanin that glew under the dimmed light. Deras never looked so beautiful on a woman. With black hair of wool and her head held high, she sat effortlessly with a circumference that would have made sidika jealous. The shaking of her head as Habakuk continued introducing me added rhythm to the soft classical music that played in my head without pause. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. So beautiful it was like the stars themselves, decided to rest behind the soft cushion of her lips.


“Hello everyone” I stammered,” Thank you for such a warm welcome, it’s my pleasure to meet you all.” Habakuk winded up the meeting and we were all excused. “Hey, I would love it if you helped me out with the songs y’all sing,that is if you don’t mind” I will never comprehend where the courage to say those words came from as I stared at Bethsheba waiting for her response.”I sure can do that new kid,meet me at my place tonight, here’s the address” she answered as she scribbled down her address on my hand. I admit, I have never been so overwhelmed in my life but it turns out that night would turn out to be the night that introduced me into the so called shaggings.

I showed up at my apartment all excited for my upcoming “date”. “She invited you to her house? At night? Bro you sipping some apple juice tonight!” My roommate Mike was more excited than I was.He suggested I show up formal and simple . So I wore something sober and decent. Black jeans and a light T-shirt slayed with a nice pair of grey yeezys,if I was to impress her I had to go all the way. The fact that I considered that a date sounded peculiar yes but a brother doesn’t dissapoint right? I made it down the long road towards her house. Standing in front of what seemed like Mahogany door, I gave three quick knocks. I’d hate to admit it but my shallow heart sank with anxiety though I politely pulled my grin a little wider than normal, reminding myself that I had to appear cool,it was a tution afterall. The door was finally opened and out came Bethsheba.

Oh my God! The words sprinted through my head, over and over, as I prodded at my lips in assurance I wasn’t dreaming. Or hopping dimensions. Or remembering how I got there in a dramatic crazy way. Or had hours passed, instead? I didn’t know anymore. Time was suddenly contorted. Naked and standing in front of me made me wonder why I wore jeans in the first place,my boner was so evident that anyone could see it a mile away.She opened the door wider and ushered me in. I slithered in sweat dripping down my face,this was the first time I saw an actual woman naked so stop judging. We walked inside, and she shut the door behind us. Then she leaned on the wall and sighed. “How lucky are you?”

To be continued….