July 16, 2020 5 By Jack Nthigah

It’s Thursday folks, which means it’s a day I leave your ribs cracking but not today. Today we are focusing on helping out our sisters on how to relate and know a casanova before their hearts get torn into pieces.
All you Ladies have been sprawling around crying after breakups little did you know you fell into the so called casanova trap. There are men,men and men. I, a man,feel irritated by the fact that these so called cool kids tend to ruin our good reputation among women. I believe it’s time we tackle this and let them girls know who these type of men are.

To a playboy, nothing is exact. You should expect a lot of surprises that are not really positive or thrilling when you are dating a playboy. Though you could know these things already if you are in a relationship with one. Nothing is ever certain when it comes to these type of men. He caters for you and can be charming and sweet enough to be there for you but commitment can be as scary to him as death is to anyone. Nothing is certain with him. Nothing!

They tend to put you on the edge every now and then, If the playboy is a skilled one, they will groom you to be the crazy one. They simply keep you on your toes and proactive enough to protect the title of being their girlfriend. This actually happens alot but y’all should know,
you are not the only one and you will never be the only one. What I mean to say is,never feel too comfortable with the role of being their girlfriend. Since at the end of the day there is a strong chance you are not the only one or won’t be.

Once you love them and continue dating them,It is always so hard to let go. Being a girlfriend to a playboy makes you silently committed to him. This is because it is always so hard to walk away when you know your space will be filled immediately when you depart. You need to know that the man is the ideal flirt.You would know he is a playboy when he is with other women. How does he act with them around? Does he flirt with them simply to receive attention from them?

Sex is the theme of your relationship. From the first date to yesterday, it is more about the sex rather than other elements of a serious relationship. It is never about verbal communication or plans about how your relationship will become more progressive. They are more into the the coochie than you.
A play boy is never willing to show you to his friends or family. It is just you and him. He is not about you seeing other members of his family or intimate friends. He just wants to keep it casual. He doesn’t even want to meet your friends or family too.

Trust you me when I say this but you have a good looking man with you. He is charming not only to you but to everyone. He wants to be on top of his game and that means he has to constantly keep in shape, he doesn’t mind if this means he has to go to the gym every now and then.
You also
have an insecure man with you
Your relationship with him is not constant or solid. Actually he is always mysterious about personal things. You would rarely have him tell you about his dreams, aspirations or insecurities. They are just protective about personal data. He wouldn’t want you to use these things against him at some point.

He is not spending lots of money on you. The KFC’s and all are just a mystery to him. When you are in a relationship with a play boy you can expect some nice things but this will never go overboard. They tend to have the ideal script of using some money to lure you in, but this is never extensive.

There is no clarity in the relationship. The relationship can be vague and mysterious. He is never giving you every detail about his whereabouts or what he is up to when he is not with you.
Birds of the same feather flock together right? All his friends are playboys. Don’t think you are stuck with a gentleman when your man has friends and buddies who are always talking about women and hooking up every now and then. Playboys hang around other playboys, period.

Buckle up because this a ride y’all women tend to avoid but you need to walk away before it all goes astray. Stay happy sister.