July 16, 2020 6 By Jack Nthigah

How lucky was I? This was a dream I wished I never woke up from. I could see the green leaves on the trees from the window, swaying gently thanks to the campus evening breeze. Chirping birds flew onto the crooked branches, perched and hopped, before flying away again, they’re had the freedom of movement, unlike myself and I, locked down in this apartment with the sexiest woman I ever saw.
“Is he here yet?” A voice came from what I could assume to be the bathroom. Wait a minute! What?! Was there two of them? I turned to catch a woman standing at the bathroom’s doorway and my eyes widened at the sight. As short as she was, she had nothing but a white towel, wrapped loosely around her hair. Her lips were smiling casually at me while her hands had a small towel on her chest, wiping almost vigorously.

My eyes looked down from her face to her now bare chest, and I swallowed hard at the firm dampened circular flesh pointed straight at me. I had just spotted the abs on her abdomen when she said,” Hey there Lomew, welcome to our humble home, I’m Marianna,her sister.” She said as she extended her hand to meet mine. “Ummmmmh,thank you” I stammered as I turned to my side in one swift, away from her chiseled belly, brazilian cut below her waist and those two beautiful legs. I bit my fingers, as I squeezed my legs together in an effort to contain the throb that had begun to pulsate at my now full grown boner. If you thought Bethsheba was a glamour pass, wait till you meet Marriana. I stared as she marvelously walked past us to her bedroom. I turned to meet another of that gender that got Adam exiled from Eden and a smile crossed her face. I moved towards her as she bit her tongue.

I managed to move my hand to rest on her waist and her lips abruptly stopped moving. She turned to look at me just as I pulled her body upwards to be inches away from my face. She stood there,amazed and probably wondering where the courage to suddenly take charge came from,I was shy afterall,I figured that was the reason behind being Bathlomew,dumpness. Back to the story, Her lips were moving as if she was saying something but I was too dazed to comprehend.


Still, I watched her moving lips, full and wide, teeth breaking forth in a smile now and then and I could not take it any longer. My thumb moved against her dimples and we gazed into each other’s eyes with nothing but the hushed sounds of our breathing between us. I melted at this closeness, at this woman, at these beautiful eyes, arresting my very soul. If I was to loose my virginity tonight,it would have been worth.

When her head began to close the distance between us, my eyes instinctively slid shut. Her breath found me first ,minty and fresh, her perfume, stronger now, filled my nostrils, then I felt her lips, soft and warm, touching down on mine, so delicate, like butterfly wings. I felt her tongue tickle mine, and she gasped from suppressed desire,”Oh Lemow,where did you come from you nasty bastard!” Our lips merged and I swum my tongue past her lips into the warm moistness that laid within. Like rippled water, our tongues danced, slowly at first, and then, all at once. I groaned into her mouth and I could only breath, wordlessly as her tongue continued to twirl warmly against mine. I kissed her nose, nibbled down at her upper lip and caressed her entire mouth with mine. The heat rose in my cheeks when I felt my earlobe on another tongue. It swirled across my ears and my mouth opened up wide,Marianna.

To be continued……..