February 14, 2019 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

Dating a primitive girl was like rain without clouds
She could never let me hold her hands around
She could reject my embrace in the public
Could not spray perfume under her armpits
And turn her face whenever I tried to kiss
Romantic moments I wouldn’t dare to miss.

She warned not to post her on social media
And should not call her baby as she’s mature
The only outing I attended was her church
Toleration and patience was getting much
When I thought I had to change my mind
Get a romantic modern woman of such kind.

I met one who visited as if going to bathroom
Who could not cook and even hold a broom
I invite her for lunch and comes with friends
Demanding money everyday was now a trend
Threatening if I don’t fulfill she will leave
Comparing me with other men in every beef.

My former girl was watching without jealousy
She couldn’t condemn but kept an eye of mercy
I looked for happiness but found loneliness
What is being in love without its sweetness?
I had to buy a kiss for a pay of her rent
I had to have an outing after making her head.

I had to cater for her needs in every moment
She took a selfie to post for men to comment
Responsibilities never meant I controlled her life
Reminding me daily that she wasn’t my wife
Where did I go wrong then for this frustration?
When I drugged myself in latter situation.

I was lost in my room without concentration
Destroyed effort including its foundation
The girl I ignored before came to my rescue
Now drama and comedy came to ruin
Kissing in public was just seeking attention
I was quiet when you couldn’t let me mention
Holding hands on the road was just of pride
As if everyone on your way needed your ride.

All this public attention is acts and episodes
Anyone can learn and forge to original sword
We got disability that needs a hand into ability
Concentration in our failure later will be utility
In time of misfortune we can kiss pain away
Love and fidelity with bring a smile every day.

Love don’t come in beauty and appearance
For beauty will fade and appearance vanish
Moral character bonds the trust in our heart
Money and luxury cannot enrich our start
In its deflation our heart will still smile
Without it we had manage life in a mile.

I saw beauty in her modesty
I felt love from her smile
She charmed me with her natural scent
There was truth in her natural appearance
Her soft lips wound not lie to my trust
Her fidelity would not let me break her heart
There was love in understanding,
I believed true love depends on sacrifices
And a moral girl is not a primitive girl
But an intelligent dependent woman.
Modest woman explain the source from her heart.