I’m not a story teller
But while this pen spills ink,
I got some to share:

I was friends with this girl
She had social circles
Friends groups same bond
She introduced us
Her friends real nice
Quite sassy even beyond the pictures
I got to know some, yeah we became tight
Got freaky little nasty
But still friends
Afraid of the cuffs
Maybe not ready to commit
It was all a cycle

Same life different story

Till I met this one
He’lla nice pretty shy
I was high on some wine first time we spoke
I was too bold, she built some attitude
Had to retreat
Till some afternoon,
Chilling out I was walking by
Checked on her and asked if she’d drop by
‘Gi’me thirty, ‘ she said
I was quite nervous but still I’d wait
Watched her pass but I had to pull up my courage
Walk to her fast like I was catching up the bus
The hug was fast like I was hurting or some
She notice I’m nervous, she laughs
But prolly to release her own tension
First times are tough
We hit the convo pretty fast
We got lots in common
Same slang, Same likes
We was laughing over n over
Talked over the life we was living
Said she’d never dated in a year or so
Told her I’ve never tried or even thought of it, so…
Puzzled she looked into my eyes and popped a question
“Why are you single?”
The answers were loud in my head
“I’m a jerk, I’m a perv, I’m a flirt”
My lips catch on different words and I say;
“I’ve been holding up for a moment like this
To feel a vibe just like bliss,
Find a version of me that’s more, excited about life so we could spice up.
So how about you?”
Her answer was fine
Her lips on mine
I new she was mine
And I’d hold onto it tight
It’s been a year or months
We doing it alright
She taught me some
Some about love
” That the tougher it gets
The stronger it grows
Sometimes it’s never that happily
But you get to chose your forever after.”

Same life different story

Sitting with my mum
scrolling through the insta
She tryna find some nice clothes
Or maybe even fine shoes
But through my feed she comes through couple pictures
The couples are my age
Some even my friends
She recognizes
I see her expression she scowls
And I gotta I tell her “mum chill out it’s how it goes”
She breaks through a sarcastic laugh
“Child your courage!?
I look at you teenagers,
Trying to find love,
Already getting hurt,
Some already they’ve commit.
But maybe it’s a good lift
I’m old now everything bold or uncultured baffles me,
I’m seeing it all through the periscope.
Lenses many as my age but it’s all clear.
If you ever get yourself a someone
And she’s good just never leave her
And I’d like to meet her.”

Same life different story

I take back my phone
Text her, tell her I love her,
How I miss her,
And that to her I commit
Even through the distance

Same life different story

I said I’m not a story teller
But this pen, it’s ink it spills
As I put it down
I hope the spill is good enough for review

And that it’s all at your level
So you can see it clear without no persicope

Steve and Sampled Art fam, it’s been a while, and damn I missed this.

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