They have kept the brotherhood tight since they were in class 3. Creative minds with a hustling attitude is what keeps them in the trail. We catch a glimpse of colloquy with them.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Mojo: I am Mojo, a music lover, song writer and a dream chaser.

Hb; I’m a young believer living an actual art dream

What’s that one word that describes the type of music that you do?

Mojo: Sleek (smooth)

Hb; Wave

How did your music journey start?

Mojo: I used to be a huge 50cent fan, I’d rap to all his songs. That’s where I got the inspiration to write my own songs.

Hb; When my sister played radio to me since I was small.

What inspires you the most?

Mojo: Taking risks, anything that has the potential for failure gets my creativity pumping.

Hb; the endless possibilities of being in existence

Which song among your songs is your favourite?

Mojo: Chocha (1st music video)
Hb; Chocha

You have been friends since class 3, what strengthens the bond?

Mojo: Being real to each other, checking up on each other and definitely the creative minds.

Hb: Communication and checking up on each other over the years

What else do you do apart from music?

Mojo: I am a business man, a music producer and also in the film industry.

Hb; I’m a jack of all trades. Hustle is my fortune.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Mojo: Local- Khaligraph Jones, Mejja and Sauti Sol
Global- j cole, K Lamar and Saint jhn.

Hb; local. The legendary wakadinali. Globally. Drake


Which song gave you the hardest time to write?

Mojo: None.

Hb; Hardest? It’s never hard.

Tell us a bit about your song TEMPO, what is the inspiration behind it?

Mojo: It’s a gengetrap vibe, a danceable type of music that would be enjoyed by all.

Hb; Tempo is a gengetone vibe. Subtle messages of the reality of our society.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Mojo: To have accomplished my goals and have my own record label.

Hb; financially stable and full ownership of ny intellectual property in short I wanna be legit.

HB Kim

If you were to form a crew, what name would you give it?

Mojo: wafuasi.
Hb; Wackies

Parting shot

Mojo: Dont be afraid to take risks
Hb; Live Your fullest life

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