Sometimes in life we get drawn towards our passion unknowingly. Joseph Rwara, well known as JR is a bongo/RnB artist who thought farming was his calling before he was actually drawn to full time singing. He however asserts that farming is still a gene in him, here is the interview.

Tell us alittle bit about yourself

Joseph Rwara is the last born in a family of 3, 23yrs old, single, college graduate, tlented in singing. I do bongo flava/rnb.

When did you discover you could actually sing?

I discovered I could sing when i was in class 8. My classmates were so like attracted to my voice. They said I sounded like the westlife group (chuckles.) I hadn’t broken my voice yet. So this went on and I began writing my own songs. Though I had not recorded any. I just did some acapella to them and they loved it.

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

I always have a dream of living a peaceful life and farming aside my premises. In short, I would venture into farming, but still music has not killed the farmer in me (laughs) I will still farm while doing music.

Whom do you look upto?

I look up to some artists like Sauti sol…I like the effort they make in pushing their work all over Africa. Otile Brown also has shown alot of progress for I have known him ever since his videos were barely hitting 100k views, he has really worked for it and he is there now.

Among your songs, which one is your favourite?

I do like all my songs but Zabibu is my favourite. Even though it was a collabo, my part was written by the whole of me when I was heartbroken back then in 2016.

What projects are you working on currently?

I have a collabo with a national artist Hensmalaw Africana and a couple of singles.

If you had one message to pass to anyone, what would it be?

If you have a passion in something, you should hold on to it for the devil will always be there to hold you back when you are almost there. Challenges are there and some might make you wanna regret why you started but we should all hold on to the reason for starting till we make it to the top.

Drop your shout outs

I would like to thank all who supported me and all those who believed in me. Friends like Makash, Blane, Ziggy.


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