We all want to be loved in the most purest ways possible. We want to be loved with all our flaws and scars without being told to change anything at all. But is that even possible especially in the world of today where people are loved for their fame, physical attributes and money?

Seated inside the Arbor restaurant, Hannah and Sean are having their dinner: fried rice with baked steak while sipping the sweet taste of cold Chamdor wine as they enjoy the soothing music being played in the background. It’s been three months now since they first met and here they are on their first date. Hannah is dressed in a tight fitting red dress, setting that romantic mood like the one on Valentine’s day. Her shape is well portrayed and her hips and bum can be seen from all angles. She’s clearly a ten.

Sean on the other hand, is dressed in a black shirt, black khaki trouser and a red bowtie. His hair is short and nicely shaved giving him that gentleman appearance. They are both looking splendidly sexy.

The evening was quite interesting and their date was so far, so good, going well. Sean was finding it hard to believe that he was out having dinner with the most beautiful lady he’s ever seen, as he liked to put it, and for that reason he found himself running short of words, leaving Hannah to do much of the talking while he stared at her in amusement. Watching her pink lips well crafted with red lipstick like that one of Dakota Johnson, made Sean fantasize about their version of ‘Fifty Shades Of Hannah’s And Sean’s Love’ her seducing eyes coated with dark smoky eyeshadow, made it impossible for Sean to have his eyes stuck on any other person that night.

Amidst his fantasy, Hannah calls out on Sean but to him it sounds like a dream. “Sean! Are you even listening to me?” “Sorry Hannah, I got caught up in your beauty for a minute there. What were you saying again?” Hannah, now seemingly annoyed rests her cheek on her hands while looking at Sean. “Come on Angel, don’t give me that look” “Well, I was asking whether you will be able to love me naked” And for a while there, Sean is now surprised and he doesn’t know how to reply back. “Love you naked did you say? I’d love to see you naked (giggles) but I honestly don’t understand what you mean by ‘Can I love you naked’

Hannah goes ahead and sips from her wine glass as if to sooth her voice before giving Sean her piece of mind. “What I meant to say by asking if you can love me naked is, to first of all make it known to you that I’m not perfect in any way, infact I’m not anything close to perfect. I have so many flaws behind my make up and the tight fitting dress. My face is not always smooth as it appears to be now, some days it’s full of black spots and pimples. My hair is not always straightened out like it is now, it’s mostly shaggy and uncombed depending on my moods. My boobs are not as firm nor as big as that of Nicki Minaj and my accent is not always smooth. Infact I do shrub a lot especially when I’m angry. I don’t have a flat tummy neither do I have a tiny waist and I’m not sure if I’ll ever work out or starve myself to gain the two. My body is full of stretch marks, from my thighs to my arms. I’m not always at my best, sometimes I’m moody and a bitch and other times I’m a calm angel. I do not slay all the time, if anything I mostly look homeless. The list is endless, I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re down to loving me then you’ll have to take me and love me as I am or have nothing at all”

Sean leans on his chair with his elbows folded, mouth wide open, not sure how to respond to everything that Hannah just said, “Wow Hannah! I must say how much I’m impressed with your openness not to mention your confidence. I almost got turned on you know. And yes, I’m willing to love you with all your imperfections. To answer your question, I can and I will love you naked”

And with that response, Hannah was now certain and satisfied that Sean was the man she’s been looking for. The man she’s looking forward to love all her life. Slowly smiling, she looks at Sean in the eyes while reaching for his hands, “Thank you babe, for your willingness to try. I love you”

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