I once dated an independent lady. She was street smart, good lover, bedroom bully with a straight up A1 emotional intelligence. She had her purse ready to split bills on dates, but had a problem whenever it was time to cook in the crib.

Since yore, women have always been believed to belong in the kitchen. Kitchen is their place. I once told her that and her reply shook the earth around me, she said something like, “just because I have a vagina, doesn’t mean I come with an in-built kitchen!”

If you can split bills, then you should as well share duties in the kitchen (all feminists say “Aye!”). It’s one and the same. Love is a partnership, more like a teamwork. It’s out of place to split bills and not split duties in the house.

In as much as it’s not a law scribbled anywhere that men should help in house chores, leave alone cooking, it just looks amazing seeing a couple helping each other make the house a home. It’s not mandatory, I repeat. But a real man will always step up and give a hand.

I was listen to a morning show in the radio the other day. A lady had been dumped by her husband because her kitchen skills were horrible. People (mostly female)called in to give opinions; some claiming that knowing-how-to-cook isn’t that important as long as true love and loyalty is present, while some (the other gender) asserting that a lady who doesn’t know how to cook shouldn’t even get married in the first place.

The old famous adage strikes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. After all.

I have had female friends who get turned off whenever men ask, “can you cook?” Some even confess of blocking them thereafter. A good number of ladies hate being equated to their culinary abilities. They’d rather lie they don’t know how to cook just so they free themselves from the stereotypical energy that a lady that doesn’t know how to cook is not a wife material.

Fellow men, NO, fellow real men outchea, when they offer to split bills, give a hand in the goddamn kitchen.

And when you meet that lady that told me not all people with vaginas come with inbuilt kitchen, tell her I passed my regards.

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