Invite them to the room

Invite them to the room

May 27, 2020 2 By Nims Muchemi

There is a girl in our village, she likes to sing. She joins an elderly choir practice. That’s the only singing platform allowed by the elders. The girl is ten. After her, the youngest choir member is sixty. People give her a hard time. They consider it weird. Weird is her new normal. She invites them to the room. All age groups now dominate choir. Atleast five more platforms have been established.

There is a man in our town,who likes to coach beauty queens. Our people have started talking. The men have banned him from the male society talks. He welcomes them to the room. Now, beauty pageants are the opening acts in all the male society talks.

Invite them to the room

There is a woman in our area. She works in a construction site. She dreams of a family. No man in the area will ask her hand in marriage. She is too successful and independent. She invites them to the room. All males in the area split bills with their wives.

There is a homeless person in the country side. He wishes to be a land owner one day. Everyone calls him crazy. He says normal is boring. He works smart to live his dream. He opens the door to the room. Our country people live in houses sheltered by him.

There is a boy from a single mother. He stays isolated. It is a taboo to be born out of wedlock. No one wants him on the play ground. He is just but a child. He lets people in the room. There are job opportunities for every kid regardless of their background.

There is an old lady who lives near the forest. She is a hundred years of age. Village men have renamed her as the village witch. She has lived longer than anyone in the village. She invites them to the room. Villagers live longer because of the diet they adopted from her.

Invite them to the room

There is a student who walks fifty miles to be at school. Her schoolmates call her poor. Her shoes are torn. There is dirt on her shirt. She carry’s her lunch box. She can’t go back. She studies and wish to improve on the condition. She invites the school to the room. The school provides transport to all their students.

There is a man who has never seen peace. He try’s to show the neighbourhood that there is a way to solve problems other than an axe. He invites the neighbourhood to the room. He is now a mediator and the neighbourhood knows nothing but peace.

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