May 25, 2020 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

They met at Santorini, Greece. She was at her doorstep viewing the sunset from Oia town, a glass of Assyrtiko wine in her hand firmly gripped. Her JBL bluetooth speaker oozed soothing jazz. A really good combo with wine, in a peaceful eventide.

He had been distracted by her stare while he was on his usual evening jogs. He jogged towards her and broke the ice.

And after a great bonding session of jokes, questions and sarcasm, he said,

“I’m Shawn by the way…pleasure.” straightening his hand for a handshake.
” I’m chantal, I wish I could…but your hands are sweaty.”

“My bad, I’ll pass by tomorrow to say hi. Same time.”

“You’ll find me right here.” She promised.

That was the first chapter of their love story. A love story ilk of the fairytale.

Shawn made a habit of showing up wiith flowers, chocolates, and a bottle of wine whenever he visited her. It was custom to turn off the lights as they switched from one honolulu movie to another.

The night would then be replete with extreme love making, torrent of kisses, copious sweet words in the air with their bedroom playlist playing in the background. They’d wake up in a warm jacuzzi, talking about their pasts, sharing their experiences and cracking jokes before they plan together how the day would unfold.

Chantal was a good cook, not as good as shawn who had been raised by his grandma who was a cheff at Metaxi Mas. Everytime these two lovebirds decided to test their culinery skills, you’d think you are in Mirazur’s kitchen. They were that good at it. It was a spice to their blooming relationship.

Months into love, they still held the knot tight. Weekly dates were a norm, daily communication was a culture and trust was a law that none of them dared to break. They loved evening walks in the dim lit streets of santorini, and wine sipping as they viewed the drammatic golden scene of the town from the balcony. It was amazing how he white and blue greek cyclades always turned golden and expensively-yellowish in the beauty of the night.

Peaceful love that was. Despite the ups and down of any relationship there is on this planet earth, they still kept at heart the loyalty and trust of their vehement attraction towards each other. They believed, no, they knew very well that love was a feeling beyond explanation, it happens and before you know it, a stranger becomes someone special in your life.

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