Why She Keeps Refusing You

You’ve got it all; good looks, nice character- polite, modest, less words, funny, tall and not to forget ‘clean nice wallet’ with different ATM cards just like the way “we” like it.

You tried asking out “Adhis” you whispered to her all sorts of flattery words; how she’s got big round behind that arouses the hyena in you, how she’s got nice figure as that of akoko (just by the description from The River and the Source), how her dark shiny skin made you want to ask her which skin care she uses so that you may advice your small sister to emulate it.

You later shot your shot at “koi” who had that long hair that you always wanted your baby girl to have and a nice flawless skin with tiny head, nose and cute eyes that makes you give her your mpesa pin and Bank account number. You later met “kalekye” who turned you on with her soft and soothing voice, who had a yellow skin that your village people adored to a point of calling any blondie a goddess.

Too bad all never worked because they all declined your proposal. It’s not that you didn’t match their expectations or they never matched your expectations. Poor son of my mother, she never taught you how to win a woman. I blame her because all she told you was that you need to love a woman with all your heart, respect her and give her all the attention. I also blame my father for not being open and telling you what charm he used to win your mother, all he told you was a man is supposed to protect and provide the needs of his family.

Bro, you’ve got everything any woman would want but how you persuade her is the problem. In as much as they say a gentleman needs to chase a woman that he loves and not give up on her, they didn’t say you need to act desperate. Have your own style of winning a woman, they don’t like desperate men. It’s a turn off to a woman if the man is showing too much interest and not giving the woman a chance to develope interest.

You are there telling her how you’ve never met someone like her, how the moment you saw her you knew she was the one, how you can’t be without her in your life. All these are phrases that shows how desperate you are. You want to introduce her to your parents after two months of courting her, you even introduce marriage plans without consulting her of what she wants or what she thinks.

There are a few things that shows how persuasive you are and there are those that show desperation. Know the person you are dealing with and the thin line between the two.

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